Monday, October 28, 2013



It seems that Obama's line of "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" may hold a little water - THIS time. The problem is that when the little boy continually cries know.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that The White House learned only this summer that the NSA had tapped the phones of world leaders. The Journal article claims that Obama ordered a halt to some of the eavesdropping when he learned of it. [1]

The Journal's website claimed the wiretapping of about thirty-five foreign leaders was disclosed to the White House as part of a review of surveillance programs ordered by President Barack Obama. This was done apparently after NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked classified details of the NSA's communication monitoring techniques.
The officials quoted by The Wall Street Journal claimed that it was understandable that Obama did not know about the phone tapping of Merkel and other leaders for nearly five years.This, they claimed, was because the NSA has so many eavesdropping programs. They say they could not possibly  have listed all of them for Obama.

"The president doesn't sign off on this stuff," one official was quoted as saying. But the official said that policy was under review, the Journal reported.



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