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Friday, January 2, 2015

Broken: Obama Regime & Harry Reid's Ribs

How will the "Obama Regime" collapse?

Here is my prediction.

Early 2014:  Harry Reid rushed to hospital with "shortness of breath."
January 1, 2015:  Harry Reid taken to hospital with broken ribs and face bones.

Q: What's going on here?
A: CIA is deciding "how to use Harry Reid" as the Regime collapses.

At the end of WW2, most Nazis jumped ship before they were captured. They fled, often overseas, under assumed names. Some were presumed dead.

As our modern National Socialist "Obama Regime" crumbles, CIA figured they could relocate Harry Reid (as some Nazis did) by announcing he "died," then relocating him to a foreign territory after cutting a deal with that territory for $___ million.

However, CIA has realized that "relocating Harry Reid" won't solve their problem. They've got half of Congress, plus the CT State Police, plus the Governors of (at least) Hawaii and Connecticut complicit in their treasonous scheme to take over the US Government.

Not to mention the thousands of footsoldiers, corrupt intel operatives, corrupt State/Local officials, corrupt ATF/DHS, and corrupt local Police -- any of whom might squeal if arrested.

So it looks like another episode of "Hey journalists, don't speak out, or you'll end up dead, like (journalist) Michael Hastings."

Except this time, it's "Hey conspirators/traitors -- don't squeal, or else you'll end up like Harry Reid, or worse. If they broke Harry Reid's ribs, just imagine what they'll do to YOU."

"Breaking ribs" makes it look like Reid got beaten up by Vinnie Nutwrench from the Chicago Mafia.

In short, CIA/DARPA are out of moves -- so jumping the shark is all they've got left.

As America wakes up to the Regime's crimes, CIA will blame "The Mafia" for this historic takeover of the USA.

CIA will toss a couple Italians in jail, then walk them out the back door after a few court appearances. They will get "sentenced to death," then fake-executed on CNN.

Basically, this will be an epic Hollywood production that makes the OKC bombing saga look like a puppet show: "Blame Timothy McVeigh the domestic terrorist......... but ignore "John Doe #2" the Middle-Eastern man spotted by witnesses! The REAL culprit is McVeigh! Domestic terrorists are the problem!"

CSPAN will show a 'Giuliani' type in a nice suit at a big table in front of Congress, acting contrite, telling us how he should've spotted the corruption sooner, but he TRUSTED THOSE PEOPLE. He will cry. And the real conspirators will never show their faces while the Italian "Mafia" crisis actors will get paid to appear in court and be the Boogeyman.

NOTE: I'm NOT saying "The Chicago Mafia isn't involved" because I think the Mafia was instrumental in rigging the 2008/2012 vote nationwide, bribing people, blackmailing people, and killing potential witnesses (eg. gay Trinity Church choir members). I'm simply saying this goes much higher than a bunch of "Italians in fur coats."

But after Harry Reid's sudden "broken ribs and face" today, it looks like CIA is leaning toward a "Mafia" storyline.

If that fails, Harry Reid can "suddenly drop dead."

After all, wasn't he rushed to the hospital in 2014 with "shortness of breath?"

Today is JAN 2, 2015.

And that's my prediction.

-Barry Soetoro, ESQ-

Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington Post; UK Telegraph; NY Daily News; Salon; MediaMatters; and DailyMail.

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  1. I'm ashamed of myself. I hadn't considered that angle. I must be slipping...gotta go back and freshen up my Evil Overlord thinking. I'm not kidding either....