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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sandy Hook Exposed: Wolfgang Halbig INTERVIEW‏

Wolfgang Halbig is the School Safety Expert digging into Newtown’s “massacre.” Why does Newtown CT keep sending Police to threaten Wolfgang? St Rose of Lima Church (Newtown CT) waves Wolfgang inside, then dials 911 and has him removed by Police. Is the Bridgeport Diocese nervous about their 50-year history of sex-abuse lawsuits?

Was Sandy Hook a back-door Gun Grab Attack on America? Wolfgang suggests the Newtown “massacre” was designed to push Mental Health laws restricting Home Schooling – and diagnosing kids so they can never own guns. Wolfgang Halbig joins Mike Shoesmith for the Sandy Hook UPDATE:

Why did Robbie Parker open a Newtown Savings Bank account THE DAY his daughter died? Why did Allison Wyatt’s family open a bank account THE DAY she died? What type of sick “parents” run to the bank before their dead child’s corpse is cold? Were these “Newtown parents” actually Actors, profiting from Sandy Hoax? Why are CT “officials” lying, and why is the Newtown “shooting” Classified?

Topics include Wolfgang’s CT FOIA Hearings; Noah Pozner (died in Pakistan after dying at Newtown); “legalized” brainwashing of America; vanishing Newtown policemen; professional Actors playing Newtown “parents;” missing Death Certificates; attacks on Wolfgang Halbig, and much more.

NO FINGERPRINTS were taken from Adam Lanza’s house, or the school building. Is that because Adam Lanza was fictional – and couldn’t leave fingerprints? Is that why the Lanza home was bulldozed – because it contained no fingerprints of the (fictional) occupants? Is that why the school was bulldozed – because fictional kids didn’t leave fingerprints all over their classroom?

Watch CT Governor Malloy lie to Wolfgang about his Sandy Hook warning:

More on (CT Governor) Dannel Malloy HERE. Why was (Newtown lawyer) Monte Frank suddenly appointed President of the CT Bar Association? News about Monte Frank HERE.
The “biggest school shooting in US history” should concern every American – especially if the official story is FAKE. The truth is out there – and Wolfgang aims to find it.
What is Wolfgang’s next step? Lawsuits, all the way to the CT Supreme Court.
Wolfgang’s Go Fund Me account was sabotaged. His PayPal account got shut down. To support Wolfgang, CLICK HERE.
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  1. Monsignor Weiss (ST ROSE OF LIMA - NEWTOWN) can't get his story straight about what happened the day of the "Sandy Hook shooting."