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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sandy Hook: Bushmaster SUED By Fake Parents? Newtown AR-15 GUN GRAB! (VIDEO)

Fake Newtown "parents" are suing Bushmaster? Wait a minute – nobody died at Sandy Hook Elementary:

Fake shooter “Adam Lanza” killed fake kids with a fictional “Bushmaster AR-15.” The victims were phony. DHS created the shooter in Photoshop.

So why is Bushmaster playing along with Newtown’s “gun lawsuit?” Is Bushmaster blackmailed (via NSA) to play along? How can this “lawsuit” happen when Newtown evidence is (i) Imaginary (like the Photoshop killer), (ii) Bulldozed (like Lanza’s house and the school), and (iii) Classified (like the autopsies and FBI report)?

Evidence of Newtown fraud is overwhelming – so the Newtown hoax is collapsing. Smoking Gun CNN/FOX footage busts David Wheeler (Newtown actor) playing two (2) roles in the hoax:

Shooter “Adam Lanza” supposedly blasted his way into the school with his mother’s “Bushmaster AR-15 rifle”:

But just inside that blasted window, Police photos show damage NOT consistent with any rifle. The wood-laminate lobby furniture got hit with something – but NOT a rifle. On the magazine display rack, we find ONE hole (consistent with a shotgun wad), plus METAL POWDER:

Where did that metal powder come from? Metal powder is deposited by shotgun “breaching rounds” – fired by SWAT teams to force entry:

Breaching rounds are made of metal powder so they dissipate as SWAT teams blast a door. The goal is NOT killing people inside crack houses – just blasting the doorframe to gain entry. At Sandy Hook, we find metal powder on the school lobby furniture. In other words, the school lobby window was blown out by Police/DHS tactical ammunition (12-gauge shotgun breaching round):

That’s forensic proof that Sandy Hook was an inside job (VIDEO). That window was NOT blown out by any “Bushmaster AR-15.”

So what really happened at the bogus crime scene? As “Newtown” went live on TV, a Supervisor noticed obvious shotgun/breaching damage on the lobby furniture – and wasn’t happy about the mistake. He realized: DHS needed to plant a shotgun – quick – since the ballistics didn’t match – and folks might realize the official “AR-15” story was fake.

But DHS couldn’t just plant their Magic Shotgun in plain view – in the middle of their active “crime scene.” In other words, DHS couldn’t plant their shotgun where it “made the most sense,” HERE:

Why couldn’t DHS plant their Magic Shotgun in plain view – in the green rectangle above? Because following the 9:35 AM “shooting,” news helicopters buzzed overhead, broadcasting HD footage of the school parking lot. So every Police movement was LIVE on TV – in broad daylight. Planting a shotgun on LIVE TV was impossible. Moreover, crime-scene photographs taken that morning (or taken days prior during DHS dress rehearsals) showed NO SHOTGUN anywhere. Why not? Because the Newtown screenplay didn’t include a shotgun. Shotguns weren’t the target of this DHS “event” – the target was banning AR-15 rifles.

So as Newtown goes “live,” news helicopters are buzzing overhead, and crime scene photos show no sign of any “shotgun.” Yet DHS needs to insert a Magic Shotgun into this circus without alerting folks to the trick. They couldn’t suddenly drop the Magic Shotgun on the pavement, and “discover” it, since that stunt would be broadcast on LIVE TV. Also, the post-shotgun crime scene photos wouldn’t match the pre-shotgun crime scene photos.

So how does the Magic Shotgun pop up? Police wait 9 HOURS – until dark. And that night, America watches the birth of the Magic Shotgun on LIVE TV:

Magically – in the darkness – a Saiga semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun is “found” inside the (oddly spotless) Lanza car trunk:

Aren’t Bushmaster lawyers curious where “Exhibit 505” (Saiga-12 shotgun, serial #H084002282) came from?

How did this Magic Shotgun pop up 9 hours after the “shooting?”

And why did Adam Lanza return that shotgun to his car after “blasting the lobby window?” That narrative makes no sense – but it was the best “backup story” DHS could muster.

Any honest investigation – or courtroom inquiry – would expose Newtown as a hoax. That’s why the Newtown investigation was rigged and all lawsuits must be rigged. For example, how will “Newtown families” explain this gun-range target “found” behind Adam Lanza’s basement sofa? The target is stamped “FBI USE.”

As this “Newtown lawsuit” unfolds, will Bushmaster (Freedom Group) blow the whistle, or play along with the Newtown scam? If Bushmaster plays along, America might fall into the Dunblane trap:

UK Handgun Ban

Sandy Hook was based on the Dunblane (Scotland, 1996) hoax. Same “school massacre” screenplay, different actors. But the goal was identical: Terrorize the public and take their guns.

After Scotland’s fake “Dunblane shooting,” the UK totally banned handguns. The emotional trauma of Dunblane’s bogus “school massacre” triggered a total UK handgun ban the following year. In other words, the gun-grab scam worked. State Terror won.

After the successful Dunblane “test run,” Globalists staged a sequel at Columbine High School (Colorado, 1999). As the video (at top) proves, Columbine was another fake school shooting. Another gun-grab. “Hero teacher” William David Sanders saved kids before getting killed at Columbine. There’s only one problem – all photos of William David Sanders are sloppy Photoshop. Zoom on any Sanders photo – you’ll find clumsy editing around the ears, eyes, and nose:

So the UK population got scammed out of their handguns via Scotland’s Dunblane hoax. And in the USA, Sandy Hook was scripted to inflict the same wound.

Bottom Line

The Gun Grab Roadshow has been staging Fake Shootings for decades – around the globe. What’s the tool? State Terror. What’s the goal? Disarming you.

That’s why Bloomberg’s FELON MAYORS push “gun control” via fake shootings. But in early 2016, Freedom Friday exposed Newtown’s “biggest school shooting in US history” as a total fraud:

This isn’t “gun control” – it’s Treason.

But gun-grabbers race toward their goal. Nothing is stopping them, since Antonin Scalia (Supreme Court Justice) bizarrely died/vanished in February 2016:

Just like Newtown “victims,” no autopsy was performed on Scalia. Scalia was declared dead via phone – then Scalia’s body got disappeared by officials as they ducked protocol. Perhaps he’s not dead. Perhaps Scalia joined Loretta Fuddy in CIA’s retirement community (Fuddyville). Either way, the only thing stopping the gun-grabbers is honest citizens.

It’s up to you – either spread the word, or get disarmed.

Sandy Hook Smoking Gun

FULL CNN/FOX COVERAGE of Newtown’s star actor, DAVID WHEELER, playing 2 Newtown roles [VIDEO]

Sloppy Sniper (actor David Wheeler) has no clue how to handle a gun. Wheeler strolls around the Newtown “shooting” dressed in army surplus – pointing his rifle at women and children:

Gun-grabber DAVID WHEELER dresses as “Sniper,” but the actor didn’t take Gun Safety 101:

On mainstream cable TV, David Wheeler gets busted playing Newtown’s “Sloppy Sniper.” Here, NYPOST features the Hartford Courant photo that destroyed Newtown:

“Grieving father” David Wheeler’s profile matches Sloppy Sniper on the school driveway:

Here, David Wheeler gets BUSTED wrestling down his SWAT helmet to hide his face [WTNH Channel 8]:

This “Bushmaster lawsuit” can only happen if ALL PARTIES are faking it. We’ll see how much farther this Regime can scam us.

UPDATE: Newtown 'Sniper' Busted Worse! (ABC)

Sandy Hook (Gun Hoax SOLVED): DNC Traitors

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BarrySoetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington Post; UK Telegraph; NY Daily News; Salon; MediaMatters; and DailyMail.

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  1. I live in the United States. The United States Government is terrorizing the American people with fake shootings, staged "massacres", and the war on terror hoax. The U.S. Government are real terrorists because it is run by powerful people. Americans will eventually become disarmed since it is all of humanity that is becoming enslaved. Learn about how Freemasons are used to lie to us, and learn the history and true nature of the Jesuit Order. All of the world governments are corrupt, controlled, and lying to their own people. Hundreds of years from now, humanity will be having to deal with absolute tyranny as slaves, suffering from the ongoing global genocide still. Examine evidence and be like a detective, don't believe anything until you have proven it with your own research.