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Saturday, March 12, 2016

DROWN OUT THE VILE mainstream leftist media today!

THE VILE MSM... And what you can do about it - TODAY!
By Carl Gallups
You are probably aware that in the last few days the left-wing "media" (now...PROVEN liars!) have been blasting me as a "hoaxer" and "conspiracy theorist." Some have called me a "truther." They only began this attack when I officially endorsed Trump for President. It all happened at the same time I was being sworn in by Sheriff Joe Arpaio (on my second recent visit with him) as a "Special Deputy" for the MCSO in Phoenix, Arizona. Imagine that.
They have accused me of claiming that Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, and the LAX shooting were all "hoaxes" or that they "never happened." NOTHING could be further from the facts of the matter. The truth is that on my radio show I have indeed questioned certain suspicious or odd details surrounding each of those events. I have even brought a man on my show who was "directly" connected to one of those events - a former Navy Seal who had inside contacts to one of the police departments that HE helped to train! If you heard that show, you will remember it well. But I have NEVER said that any of these tragedies was a complete fabrication or hoax. NEVER. In short - the MSM simply LIED. Anyone surprised?
Any good cop ( I used to be one) or any good investigative reporter ( I try to be a good one on my show) will ALWAYS at least ask questions. Always. Remember Woodward and Bernstein? (Not saying that I am in their category of reporting).

They dared to question the Nixon administration and the possibility of crimes and conspiracies coming out of the White House. Turned out, they were right. They kept digging and kept asking questions until they found the truth. Nixon had to resign.

And THAT is why the government and the liberal media - to this day - desperately fear any citizen, reporter, preacher, etc. that DARES to "ask the tough questions" and examine odd occurrences. It is an old communist tactic of "marginalizing" by bullying and fear-mongering. They say, "How DARE you question our narrative!" And then, when you don't shut up - they continue to try and marginalize you and embarrass you. Well, I will not "shut up," especially I will not stop asking questions. Our founding fathers knew the importance of that principle. That's why they enshrined the First Amendment.

My first goal and passion in life is to ADVANCE THE KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST. No doubt - that is my life's primary calling and focus. BUT, I also want to preserve the constitutional republic of the United States so that we CAN advance the gospel of Jesus. Otherwise, if we sit back and do nothing and say nothing - evil will overwhelm us and shut us down. I don't want to live like our brothers and sisters in N. Korea, China, and the Middle East. Do you?

If you agree with what I am saying - would you PLEASE share this all over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc? This is the way that We The People can drown out the voice of the lame-stream communist influenced media. America deserves to know the truth of what is really happening. Thank you and God bless you. PRAY!
Pastor Carl Gallups

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