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Saturday, March 12, 2016

PANIC! Regime Smears Gallups & Hacks WEBY For DNC Traitors!


For months now, 1330 WEBY AM - the 25,000 watt Gulf Coast talk radio station (the most powerful AM station on the Gulf Coat) from which emanates Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups has been the subject of various vicious virus attacks. The attacks always happen on a Friday - usually during or just after Carl's show. (Imagine that!).

Yesterday, it happened again. Except this time - the entire computer system was seized by ransom-ware and EVERYTHING on the station's computer was seized and/or destroyed. Including yesterday's Freedom Friday's broadcast and all shows prior - as well as every show that WEBY produces.

Obviously there will be no podcasts of yesterday's show. If any of our listeners recorded the show - PLEASE let us know and we will use it for podcasts and give you the credit for it as well. In the meantime, someone DID record Carl's segment with Mike Shoesmith yesterday. That will soon be up as a podcast and video. Shows prior to yesterday's show are available in podcast format and are archived on the net. Just go to Carlgallups.com and click on the PODCAST link at the top of the page.

The battle is real. The battle is spiritual. The battle is evil. We will fight the fight, finish the race, and keep the faith. Please stand beside us in this endeavor - and PRAY!
PNN Staff


BINGO! Freedom Friday WAS recorded by one of our faithful listeners! They just contacted us. The entire show will be podcast as well as turned into videos and posted on YouTube. The hackers and government agents cannot shut us down. Greater is He who is in us - than he that is in the world! Thank you Jesus.
PNN Staff

The podcasts will be a little delayed in posting. But they WILL go up - probably today.

AND... here they are!

March 11/2016

Carl Gallups/Mike Shoesmith/Brandon Gallups on Carl's Arpaio Visit, Trump Endorsement, and Sandy Hook Media Malpractice/Character Assassination Plus a special Cheryl Chumley Teaser!

You can listen to ALL of the Freedom Friday Podcasts HERE!

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