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Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Eerie Visit to Sandy Hook - Newtown CT

I went through Sandy Hook (Newtown CT) this weekend (10/12/2014), and took a bunch of Photos.

Mike Shoesmith interviewed me twice about my Sandy Hook trip (see AUDIO links):

Sandy Hook Elementary school is where the (alleged) "Biggest School Shooting in US History" happened.

The infamous Firehouse is where the Sandy Hook "Memorial Service" was held -- and Crisis Actors wandered in circles through the parking lot.

Driveway blocked by orange cones is "Dickenson Drive," the entrance to the now-bulldozed Sandy Hook Elementary school. It runs adjacent to the Firehouse parking lot.

Newtown is clearly a Potemkin Village. Many buildings are abandoned – and homes look neglected.

Sandy Hook "proper" feels like a one-horse town.

Small houses along the few streets look like abandoned shacks with overgrown shrubs. There's a few shops at one intersection, then everything else seems to be a "school" or "academy" of some type.  I've never seen so many schools/academies in one place before.

I pulled over at the infamous Firehouse to take photos, and directly across the street was a small house with 5 people standing in full view in their DRIVEWAY, outside their front door, having beers….. for no reason. I noticed them because there seemed to be no other people in the town.  And who stands just outside their front door in their driveway, socializing – while avoiding their side/back yards? 

[NOTE: Afterward, I realized that the position of those "happy homeowners" was a perfect vantage point, looking across the street, straight up Dickenson Drive (the driveway of bulldozed Sandy Hook Elementary school) and also giving a clear view of the entire Firehouse property. Since Police have been called to intimidate other citizen journalists, I decided to avoid interacting with bystanders].

From Sandy Hook, I drove South along Wasserman Way, into Newtown CT.

That town is SPOOKY. It's either a government façade, or some type of cult town.

The most bizarre part of Newtown is the FAIRFIELD HILLS CAMPUS – site of the abandoned Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital.  Opened in 1931, it was finally closed in 1995, but never demolished. 

Most buildings at this "campus" are abandoned and look haunted.

This Fairfield Hills Campus (surrounding the decrepit mental hospital) is a bunch of huge abandoned buildings with paint peeling off and doors boarded up (see photos). It feels like a secret government training facility because along nearby roads (eg. Trades Lane), many buildings are abandoned shells, as a buffer from the "real" buildings set back from the road.

The only sign of life is an occasional person walking a dog, or sitting in their parked car for no reason – doing nothing.

The few "townsfolk" seem to be stationed at key vantage points, doing nothing other than observing.

They seem like Stepford Wife actors, just "looking busy" among all these totally abandoned buildings with boarded-up doors, busted-out windows, and big holes in the rooves.

It seems someone wants that land occupied and doesn't want anyone who "doesn't belong" to have any reason to loiter.  Fairfield Hills Campus feels like a military base that got decommissioned, but the government didn't feel like allowing anyone to develop the land, so they just kept it. They mow the perfect lawns, while ignoring the crumbling buildings.

Police sit in their (parked) cars every few hundred yards, just watching. This confirmed what I'd read beforehand – along with Ghost Stories and tales of what happened (prior to 1995) while the Psychiatric Hospital was active. At its peak, it housed 4,000 patients. Lobotomies were common, and patients were transported between buildings thru a tunnel system – adding to the rumors of spooky happenings underground.

Ignoring those lobotomy and ghost stories, I toured the area, snapping photos – but couldn't shake an ominous feeling.  The ominous feeling wasn't "You're about to get mugged." I've had that feeling in major cities, yet it never stopped me from walking freely about.

This feeling was more like:  "There's a bizarre agenda here. It's a VERY BAD agenda. This place isn't what it seems. This area is being watched closely because interlopers aren't welcome. Those guys in the parked cars are waiting for you to snoop around or approach these buildings, so they can pounce and do whatever they do with interlopers."
It just felt like a longstanding evil agenda of some sort was gripping this town. Part of me wanted to uncover it, but an instinctive part of me felt compelled to gather whatever photos I could, then get the heck out of there. Yes, I felt something was very wrong – but the most ominous part was that I couldn't "place" that feeling.  It was unlike any feeling I've had. THAT was the part that spooked me – I couldn't figure out WHY the place felt so evil.

Here's the best way I can describe that feeling.  It felt like the "powers that be" were ready to railroad anyone who showed up snooping around – and the townspeople would keep quiet about it, no matter what happened to you……. Just like they kept quiet after the Sandy Hook "shooting." 

It feels like the whole town shares some Evil Secret, so they have a plan to "deal with" strangers.

In my photos, the long buildings are the abandoned "Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital" where (the story goes) Harrison J Bounel was an elderly hospice patient before dying approximately 1978.

"President" Obama (aka Soetoro; Soebarkah; Shabazz) apparently used Harrison Bounel's STOLEN SSN on his 2009 tax return.

That stolen SSN is #042-68-4425. 

See those first three digits (042)? That is a Prefix allocated to Connecticut. Since Obama is "from Hawaii/Chicago," it's bizarre that he uses a Connecticut SSN.

That might explain why Obama failed E-Verify when he tried signing up for Obamacare – because he's using a stolen SSN that was never assigned to him.
REAR of (abandoned) Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital:

FRONT of (abandoned) Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital:

Northeast end of Fairfield Hills Campus, abandoned. In the background, you can see "Youth Academy" which looks like the only active building here.

Newtown feels very "abandoned Manhattan Project." Is this where our (occupied) government plans their False Flag "school shootings" and "terror bombings?"


Trades Lane (NEWTOWN CT):  EMPTY roadside buildings with holes in rooves.

Another abandoned building looms at the end of Trades Lane (Newtown CT).

"PARKS" Department with papered-over windows and truck parked for "effect."

Another huge abandoned building in the distance. Cars seem to be from only active building, off camera to our right: "Youth Academy."

Abandoned roadside buildings serve as "buffer" for real (?) buildings inset a block.

Newtown isn't Beverly Hills. Front door of (abandoned) Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital says "KEEP BACK 25 FEET."

Overview of the (abandoned) Fairfield Hills Campus – Newtown CT.

Notice in the aerial photos it looks as though there is some sort of tunnel system being constructed or modified.

GREEN CIRCLE: Barriers were erected to ensure privacy during the construction work on the tunnels.

There are definitely strange occurrences surrounding Sandy Hook and Newtown CT.  

But each time I try to reveal the Hoax and lies……

Especially about children being used as stage props……

……….I get censored:

UPDATE: Newtown Fake 'Sniper' BUSTED!

BarrySoetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington Post; UK Telegraph; NY Daily News; Salon; MediaMatters; and DailyMail.


  1. (Dashcam VIDEO) Police can't find Sandy Hook school (!) Watch cops drive around for 7 minutes, looking for the school........ until they drive PAST it....... and finally stop to ask Directions!

    That's because Sandy Hook school was CLOSED in 2008 (four years BEFORE the fake GUN GRAB hoax).


    1. OMG,how pathetic, all actors, the whole town is fake,they lied to the world with a big production, all in the name of "Gun Control "

  2. (Police Dashcam Video) shows NOBODY evacuating from Sandy Hook school during "official evacuation time."

  3. Robbie Parker LAUGHS, then delivers his Monologue about his "murdered Sandy Hook daughter."

  4. (Sandy Hook) investigator FORCED OFF THE ROAD.

  5. Sandy Hook's Disappearing Witnesses

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU5R15Dytds

    this is the one everyone needs to watch. This exposes Sandy hook without any doubts. I ask why would they fake this when on 9/11 3000 were murdered and according to ae911truth,org the real evidence, it points to inside job. It doesn't make sense.

  7. Fellowship of the minds posted some great pictures that showed the inside of the school and the grass growing up around it and the much needed maintenance. You could see it was being used for storage and the run down appearance. There is no question, this was not an active school. FOTM has some amazing info of this.

  8. ...just a hunch that there is a lot more going on in one or more of those buildings or UNDER them...why else would suspicious people be lurking about in Newtown, CT?......STILL!

  9. Any psychiatric facility can be a habitat for familiar spirits. A state hospital is potentially a greater stronghold because with government funding comes restrictions on "offensive" religious practices, hence, the staff may allow some forms of meditation that would strengthen the presence, but prohibit exorcism that could rid a person of it. In the demonic hierarchy, there are also territorial spirits—think of them as community organizers. That seems to be what this article is describing when it speaks of a bizarre agenda.

  10. all these buildings were baught on Christmas eve by the gov't at the same time,all the buildings except three,just outside of town!so you know they are all feds in town!!it was all a hoax and we know/kinew it!we still need to wake up the masses(sheeple)and never let them forget that we know/knew,and don't let go of this,keep investigating and getting the news out there,i'd hate to see tha way we would need to go to awake the sheeple,the sleeping people that follow the evil regime like sheep!

  11. MUST SEE Documentary: "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook."
    (Copy/Paste this LINK) http://deepinsidetherabbithole.com/Sandy_Hook.html

  12. Amazing. I knew this area decades ago and it was always creepy.

  13. Underground CIA/Military/government cooperating with alien technology with abductees, many of whom are children of such. A few years ago, if I saw myself writing this kind of stuff, I'd think I've gone off the deep end. I used to watch The X-Files for entertainment and for David Duchovney. But, seems as if after all my research, they were actually urging us towards the truth!

  14. There is an extra terrestrial presence in that town.

  15. FORENSIC PROOF: Police used “Breaching Ammo” to shatter Sandy Hook window, then pretended “Adam Lanza” used Bushmaster AR-15 to “shoot his way” thru the window. Sandy Hook = INSIDE JOB.

    (Photos/Video HERE):

  16. These Shills that come on youtube under the Video's posted are still to this day arguing the facts and cursing you. I cant count the ones that tell me the same old line...you need to get Mental Health. Something about them all pushing mental health issues on everyone. Maybe the whole town is on experimental drugs along with Satanism. It is one creepy looking place and the people all seem so strange. Almost Robotic type. Ive often wonder if it might be used as a place where many are taken to use the MKUltra Mind Control on them. Several Hollywood Actors come from Connecticut. Heck, I dont know what is wrong with that place. I accidently came across a video that showed a wooden devil statue that was found in the woods at SandyHook by a Hunter. When you research the missing and murdered people in that area is gets even more Bizarre. I watched the Dead Wives Club that talks about some missing and murdered women there. Oh, and I did get an anonymous message from a person from there that told me that childern did go missing...and that was all he would say about the SandyHook event out of fear.

  17. One more comment...I went to the Newtown School Homepage just to look at the new school Agenda for the coming up School year and noticed Sally Cox is still the nurse for the school. What I found bizarre was at the bottom was a bar that when I clicked on it ..it was monitoring peoples IP addresses and also location. It pulled mine right up and the town I was in. Creepy. Now I guess they are monitoring everyone looking at what they are doing there.

  18. Bruce Jender attended school round these parts. Anyone else of note that can be mentioned as being from Hollyweird?

    1. Bruce Jenner (I refuse to call him "Caitlyn") Newtown High School in Newtown, Connecticut for junior and senior years, graduating in 1968.

  19. Wow that is a creepy looking place. Are there residential areas there? The center of town has a institutional government feel to it. The place looks like a ghost town from the pictures it sounds very strange that theres people there doing "nothing".

  20. How about a truth gathering.They may be able to intimidate one person but if 25 or 50 show up,not so easy.Anyone deemed to be an enforcer for the town could be asked a few friendly questions...with plenty of muscle on our side to discourage any chicanery on their part.

  21. hugh jorgan has had a great idea....why has nobody replied to him til now? hugh, a mass crowd turning up in newtown asking awkward questions is EXACTLY what is required. form the troops :)

  22. the face on that girl crying is photoshopped; she was probably smiling and they dad to switch it out with another face

  23. we need to start this trending on twitter again

  24. It certainly looks like a government- owned town where psychiatric experiments are being performed.

  25. No doubts the town looks creepy but I am not buying the conspiracy theories of a fake massacre. Quite sickened by people who are. It's beyond cruel to the families of the children who lost their lives.