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Sunday, December 7, 2014


A stunning new Documentary seeks to expose the "fake" Newtown CT shooting claiming it's a Gun Grab hoax.

In this segment, "Barry Soetoro Esq" discusses his opinions on how they pulled off what he and many others claim is an historic fake massacre – and how they're allegedly covering it up.  Also asked is this: why did they take such a risk?

"We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook" is the documentary some are saying shatters the Newtown "myth" like a nuclear bomb.

Within hours of this documentary hitting the Web, it is widely believed the government was removing it.  Citizen Journalist "Barry" paused the film, stepped away for lunch, and when he returned, it was gone!

Sandy Hook documentary HERE:  http://deepinsidetherabbithole.com/Sandy_Hook.html

To see what Barry describes as "Smoking Gun" photos which he says "proves" Sandy Hook was staged, plus Barry's spooky trip through Newtown, see Parts 1&2 of our conversation here:(Parts 1&2) Sandy Hook Visit (PPSimmons)

Allegation: The "Biggest School Shooting in US History" was a hoax, built to:
-Grab Your Guns
-End Home Schooling
-Put 360-degree Surveillance In Classrooms
-Brainwash Your Children To Obey Washington

The alleged pre-scripted "Sandy Hook massacre" reads like a low-budget movie rejected by Hollywood in Barry's opinion, claiming there is literally NO EVIDENCE to connect the fictional "Adam Lanza" to any "shooting" at this closed-down school. The whole episode, he says, was planned months in advance to terrify Americans into surrendering their guns.

Barry: "As these stunning revelations hit the public, folks are finding clues that don't add up. For example: In the Sandy Hook Elementary parking lot, why are ALL the cars pointing toward the building? Because they were placed as "set dressing" for the fake shooting. The school was closed years earlier, in 2008."

Barry: "The documentary "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook" exposes the fake parents of Sandy Hook. Many "parents" are actors – you'll see their ear-splitting stage routines. One gun-grabber parent (Veronique Haller, aka Pozner) appears to be a foreign Diplomat attached to the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, DC."

Barry: "The only evidence that 500 kids fled Sandy Hook Elementary are two iconic photographs.  Unfortunately, these famous "Sandy Hook evacuation" photos were digitally made/altered:"

Barry: "Boogeyman "Adam Lanza" was created in PhotoShop:"

Barry: "To demonize guns (and home schooling), fake "evidence" was planted at the home of fictional shooter "Adam Lanza.""

Barry: "The State Trooper in charge of the Western District of CT is NOT available for comment, since he "suddenly dropped dead" during his Sandy Hook investigation. He's most likely a Federal Agent that got reassigned under a new name. The government cannot have Trooper William Podgorski getting called to testify – because that would expose their Sandy Hoax scam."

Barry: "Investigator Wolfgang Halbig has obtained the government's script – their playbook for Sandy Hook. It calls for magical events that make no sense.  Why did 16 CT State Troopers ALL crawl thru this broken window, instead of sending a few thru to open the door?"

Barry: "As Sandy Hoax continues to unravel, we will bring you breaking details. Please bookmark this page and share the documentary above. The American people are waking up."

Alternate link to Sandy Hook documentary:



  2. MUST SEE Documentary: "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook."
    (Copy/Paste this LINK) http://deepinsidetherabbithole.com/Sandy_Hook.html

  3. Oh! the deception runs deep.

  4. One day, soon I'm afraid, we will wake up to find that we no longer live in The United States of America. It will be renamed, because it will no longer be 'the land of the free and the home of the brave'.

  5. FORENSIC PROOF: Police used “Breaching Ammo” to shatter Sandy Hook window, then pretended “Adam Lanza” used Bushmaster AR-15 to “shoot his way” thru the window. Sandy Hook = INSIDE JOB.

    (Video PROOF HERE):

  6. Shame on you! This Shooting was 100% real! I know an ambulance driver whose sister's cousin's daughter's best friend who was killed in this shooting!