Zev Porat

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sandy Hook: Police Couldn't Find Shotgun For 9 Hours?

The infamous "Newtown school shooting" happened at 9:34 AM.

Yet Police on TV removed a shotgun from Adam Lanza's car, and extracted a 12-gauge cartridge..... AFTER DARK.

In other words, police magically find this shotgun in the black Honda car trunk 9 hours after the morning shooting happened.

Why didn't police find the shotgun sooner? Shouldn't they have emptied (cleared) the weapon earlier – for safety?

Here's why CNN showed footage of Police "finding a shotgun in the trunk of Adam Lanza's car" AFTER DARK.

Remember this nighttime helicopter footage? Cops gather around the black Honda, pointing a worklight, so the TV audience can watch cops "find" that shotgun inside the (oddly spotless) empty car trunk.

Why did it take 9 hours for cops to handle and unload that shotgun?

Because at some point during the day, a Supervisor/Controller noticed that the Police used a 12-gauge shotgun "breaching round" to blast the school window – (some would say) framing the boogeyman "Adam Lanza" – yet the damage looked nothing like AR-15 rounds:

Police breaching rounds are special shotgun ammunition – they destroy door frames, but disintegrate in the process, so they don't injure people beyond the door. 

12-gauge breaching ammo is typically composed of metal powder, held together by a wax binder – just like the metal powder we find on the magazine rack in the Sandy Hook Elementary foyer, inside the shattered window.

These telltale signs were obvious to anyone on-scene -- it didn't look like Adam Lanza's fictional AR-15 blew that window out.

That was a problem. Because the government's pre-scripted Gun Grab "event" called for boogeyman Adam Lanza to "shoot his way through the plate-glass Sandy Hook entrance" to gain access to the school building.

Remember -- gun grab hoaxes (officially known as drills or "Capstone Events") are planned months in advance.  Changing the murder weapon AFTER a half-day of CNN reporting the "biggest school shooting in US history, involving a rifle" would be awkward at best, transparently criminal and treasonous at worst.

Worried now, the Feds needed to plant a shotgun, so if their mistake was noticed, they could claim "but we found a shotgun in the car; didn't you see us retrieve it on TV?"

The government needed to plant the shotgun to explain why a (Police shotgun ammo) breaching round was used to blast that window.  Because what if CNN lost control of public opinion and Sandy Hook collapsed into another TWA800 "We saw a missile; No you didn't" contest? 

You will recall that the shocking 1996 Olympic Park Bombing happened exactly 10 days after the TWA800 shoot-down.  Is that a bizarre coincidence? Or a last-ditch attempt to distract the public from hundreds of eyewitnesses insisting they "saw a missile/flare" shoot down TWA800?

We could ask "hero security guard" Richard Jewell about the Olympic Park Bombing, but he "died" at age 44 from ailment XYZ.

We could ask former FBI Director Louis Freeh about TWA800 and the Olympic Park Bombing, but he recently grazed a mailbox driving his 5,500-pound GMC Yukon, causing "head injury and memory loss."

Meanwhile, back in Newtown CT, the government faced a dilemma:  How to explain the metal powder and shotgun damage at the school's entrance?

Perhaps planting a shotgun was easier than letting Sandy Hoax spin out of control -- and needing to fake-detonate another Olympic Park "bomb" to distract America from this error.

But finding a shotgun to plant takes time. The government needed a clean, non-traceable gun. They couldn't just borrow one from the evidence locker, because a month later some unrelated lawsuit would be expecting to find that same make/model and serial number as "Exhibit A" to show the jury -- yet the shotgun would be missing from evidence.

So first, Police needed to get permission from the Feds in charge -- to plant a shotgun. Then, they needed to somehow locate a shotgun that nobody would miss. That took a number of hours.

To be clear: Elements of the US government and/or CT law enforcement appear to have planted a shotgun in the trunk of the black Honda, outside Sandy Hook Elementary.  

But why was the shotgun planted INSIDE the car trunk?  Why not plant the shotgun under a parked car, in the bushes, or inside the building – and claim Adam Lanza cast it aside after blasting an entry hole through the school window?  Wouldn't that sound more credible? 

After all, who in their right mind would believe "Autistic psycho Adam Lanza blasted a hole through the plate glass window, then carefully walked back to his car – placing his shotgun safely in the car trunk – before returning to the building and murdering 26 people with a completely different weapon (Bushmaster AR-15)?"

That story makes no sense. But after screwing up, it was the government's only choice.
You see, after 9 hours of Sandy Hook Elementary swarming with cops, crisis actors, reporters, photographers and TVNEWS helicopters overhead broadcasting live, Police couldn't just drop the shotgun on the ground in plain view -- and claim Lanza tossed it aside after blasting the window.

The new-found shotgun couldn't suddenly materialize and "pop up" on the pavement in the middle of their active (faux) crime scene following a full day of "CSI investigation."

Solution? Plant a shotgun inside the car trunk, where "Of course reporters/cameras didn't notice it all day -- since it was inside the car trunk."

Similarly, the "Capstone Event" script didn't mention a shotgun found INSIDE the building. That shotgun wasn't in the script, because the government's target (aside from banning Home Schooling) was banning AR-15 rifles.

Suddenly tossing a shotgun into that carefully scripted official narrative would be like discovering "Lee Harvey Oswald used a hunting bow, and we've got the bow right here with his prints on it!"

The day of the alleged shooting, the Media kept changing their story, and couldn't decide upon the murder weapon.  The planted shotgun is why.

Sandy Hook – just another stop on the Gun Grab Roadshow.

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  1. I'm confused how the government is still pushing "lawsuits against AR-15 manufacturers." Haven't gunmakers seen those Police evidence photos, and realized Sandy Hook school's front window was blown out with a shotgun?

    Does anyone have evidence that an AR-15 was found anywhere near the school? How about any evidence Adam Lanza existed? Was he invisible?

    And why was Nancy Lanza's car registered to some unrelated dude?

    The government keeps asking us to believe in Sorcery, invisible people, and magic weapons. It's like Harry Potter, for adults.

  2. Most Sandy Hook "parents" are Actors. New Documentary exposes the Con Artists and Gun Grab Agenda behind the (fake) "Biggest School Shooting in US History":


  3. the heroes here are the cops (bubba and billy-bob) who declared all 2o children and 6 adults dead w/in the 1st few minutes. they deserve a raise as this is usually the job of doctors. as req'd by law. no emergency medivac helicopters req'd, we've got bubba and billy-bob. no crash carts needed, we've got bubba and billy-bob.

  4. I don't get it. ...so this kid killed all those kids with a saiga 12gauge and didn't use an Ar-15?

    1. the handler used the SG door buster to gain building entry and then preceded to use other means inside the building. that left a hole in the narrative. if lanza had used an AR for the inside work, then where was the SG to match up with the front door hole? and how could he have carried that much hardware? An AR, a Sig?, a Glock? magazines for same, and an SG? possible, but all the more ludicrous scenario. for that matter, where are the tell tale shell casings that should have been around the front door?

    2. Link to a picture of the shells:

  5. something far more interesting about the trunk/shotgun footage. you need to find the WHOLE video. moments after the sensational footage of the shotgun being pulled out, a technician on the left side and shielded from the lights pulls something out of the trunk with the appearance of a rifle and tries to hide it along side of his body as he walks away into the darkness.

  6. The shotgun had been on the passengers seat of the Honda and the passenger door was left open. When the cops arrived one of them locked it in the trunk for safety. There were kids to be evacuated so it makes sense.

    1. Oh really? So the cops "locked the shotgun in the trunk for safety" but kept it loaded? That makes no sense. If you're worried about safety, why do you move a loaded gun around and leave it loaded, ready to fire? The government finally screwed up bigtime -- faking Sandy Hook. Everyone knows Sandy Hoax was bogus. The question is how many other shootings the government has faked to attack the 2nd Amendment and trick Americans out of their rights.