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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sandy Hook Dad Playing SWAT On ABCNEWS?

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Did David Wheeler play TWO roles in the Newtown “shooting?”

His son, Benjamin, “died” in the Sandy Hook CT school massacre. Ever since, this sad “father” has been lobbying to restrict your gun rights. Yes, David Wheeler is a professional actor. But that doesn’t prove Sandy Hook was a hoax.

But this video (above) might prove Sandy Hook was 100% fake. Mainstream news coverage (CNN; FOX; ABC) shows a man (in sunglasses) responding to the Newtown “school shooting” dressed like a SWAT sniper:

TV footage shows this man – who looks like David Wheeler – acting very strangely. Every time he spots a TV camera, he ducks and turns away.

Is this David Wheeler (at left), dressed in SWAT gear? If so, it means David Wheeler (professional actor) played TWO roles at Sandy Hook: (i) Father of murdered child, and (ii) SWAT sniper.

If true, that’s conclusive proof Sandy Hook was a gun-grab Hoax.

Wheeler’s appearances are carefully scripted to take your guns. Here, Wheeler “testifies” against guns during the CT legislature’s Task Force on Violence and Public Safety:

You decide: Is this SWAT sniper actually David Wheeler, scamming the American people at Sandy Hook?

Watch the video – then look at these photos:  BUSTED! Sandy Hook's STAR ACTOR, David Wheeler

David Cole Wheeler starred in the 2001 movie, FAITHFUL:

Was his “dead child” real? David Wheeler with Oprah:

David and Francine Wheeler (2012); David Wheeler starring in FAITHFUL (2001):

You have my permission to download my video (above) – and re-upload the video to your own channel, and your own site/blog.

CNN features a photo of David Wheeler (?) in SWAT gear (credited to Cloe Poisson, Hartford Courant / McClatchy Tribune):

The same photo appears – again – in the CT Post (the day the hoax went live):

Is this David Wheeler at Newtown, dressed as FBI SWAT? The helmet and sunglasses aren’t much of a disguise:

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PNN News and Ministry Network EXCLUSIVE
All rights reserved. Permission granted to re-post this article provided credit is given to PNN and a link back to this article is provided. 


  1. Sandy Hook (Actor) DAVID WHEELER Caught Playing 2 Newtown Roles:


  2. Show me all marriage certificates,wedding photos,birth certificates of children , photos with parents ,dental and medical records of children , tax forms of families (kids would be on there as dependants),same for shooter and adults killed .check the eyebrows on sniper (very well groomed just like wheeler ).cleanest crime scene ever .snipers don't walk around without their weapons,rifle plus sidearm not 2 main weapons.why is there no wide perimeter around school?why does everyone seem so calm? Why in every other case do you see a ton of pictures of victims when they were alive with family ,friends ,their big moments?(sports ,awards,or just being kids )This case has me scratching my head,very strange and never seen so many coloured shirts and jackets in one place at one time .most others are wearing dark or neutral colors.(employment records of teachers ,FIB on site ,and where are they now might reveal a lot more questions and answers) I may be a fool so judge me as you will .Neill MAC