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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sandy Hook :: Newtown NEWS

(NEW) Newtown 'Sniper' Busted Worse! (ABC)

"Sloppy Sniper" gets busted even WORSE -- on ABC News! Watch (actor) David Wheeler dive behind a car and flee cameras on LIVE TV! Wheeler played Newtown "grieving father," but he gets caught playing "Sloppy Sniper" too! Watch Wheeler run away!

Freedom Friday breaks NEW TV footage – exposing Newtown’s “school shooting.” Smoking Gun VIDEO proves Newtown was a gun-grab HOAX:

David and Francine Wheeler are professional actors, claiming their “child died” in the Sandy Hook “massacre.”

But David Wheeler looks exactly like Sloppy Sniper. Helmet, plus sunglasses in mid-December? That’s a disguise:

Is Newtown “Sloppy Sniper” really Hollywood actor DAVID WHEELER? Wheeler aims his AR-15 behind him, at women/children. Why can’t this “FBI Sniper” handle a gun?

Why isn’t Sloppy Sniper marked “FBI,” like his buddies?

Field trip to FBI – better gear than David Wheeler:

Watch actor David Wheeler cram his helmet down (to hide his face) ON CABLE TV:

Wheeler’s caught on Channel 8 – It’s NOT possible to get more busted than this:

That’s two (2) Newtown roles for David Wheeler: Role #1 was Sloppy Sniper. Role #2 is Grieving Father of slain child. And THAT means Sandy Hook was a Fake Shooting.

(Actor) David Wheeler’s profile matches Sloppy Sniper on the Sandy Hook school driveway:

Watch the smoking gun VIDEO (Full Coverage). As Newtown “happens,” Sloppy Sniper gets caught on network TV  – including FOX/CNN:

David Wheeler (Sloppy Sniper) appears at NYPOST, CNN.com and 10 other mainstream news sites:

Sandy Hook actors SUE Bushmaster – because a fake shooter killed fake kids! If Bushmaster plays along with this (bogus) Newtown lawsuit, America could fall into the DUNBLANE trap.

Sandy Hook was based on the Dunblane (Scotland, 1996) hoax. Same “school massacre” screenplay, different actors:

After Scotland’s fake “Dunblane shooting,” the UK totally banned handguns. The emotional trauma of Dunblane’s fake “school massacre” triggered a total UK handgun ban the next year. In other words, Dunblane’s gun-grab scam worked. State Terror won.

After that successful Dunblane “test run,” Globalists staged a sequel at Columbine High School (Colorado, 1999). As this video proves, Columbine was another fake school shooting.

Freedom Friday breaks the stunning news: The Wheelers are professional actors with connections to Obama/Hillary – and David Wheeler is caught on CNN playing 2 roles in the Newtown scam:

Sandy Hook “parents” include professional actors David and Francine Wheeler:

David Wheeler starred in the Hollywood movie, FAITHFUL (2001):

David’s wife, Francine Wheeler, performs crazy TV skits – and did voices for the cartoon porn “Mutant Aliens”:

Oddly, the Wheelers have close ties to Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Maureen White (former finance chair of DNC; Hillary For President finance chair):

In fact, Francine Wheeler (Newtown “mother”) was Maureen White’s personal assistant. Maureen White’s husband is Steven Rattner (Obama’s car czar), who coughed up $16 Million in SEC penalties for his role in the NY Public Pension Kickback Scheme.

Obama lands Air Force One in Hartford CT, to pick up Newtown “parents” (lobbyists) David and Francine Wheeler:

Obama delivers David and Francine Wheeler to Andrews Air Force base (DC), to lobby Congress against guns:

(KTALK-AM) Barry Soetoro exposes the Wheelers, their Obama/Hillary ties, and the Newtown Coverup:

Michael Bloomberg's gun-grab groups include MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns). MAIG members include convicted FELON mayors. These criminals push fake shootings (gun hoaxes) to grab your guns:

But why do MAIG Mayors risk Treason charges? Is their reward cash, or silence about prior “bad acts?" As convicts subverting the Second Amendment, MAIG may qualify as a RICO organization.

Before the Marysville (WA) shooting hoax, Bloomberg and Bill Gates "Spent $8 million to make sure Washington's controversial gun control bill, Initiative 594, [would] appear on the state's November ballot and that voters [would] be flooded with anti-gun propaganda in the lead up."

And how did they convince voters to vote for their gun-grab “law?” They terrorized voters with the Marysville “school shooting” hoax – 11 days before the 2014 Midterm Election. That’s right – Washington State voters got clobbered by the horrific "Marysville gun tragedy" 11 days before voting on Bloomberg’s gun-grab scheme. The Marysville “shooting” (i) Location (Washington State) and (ii) Schedule (eleven days before 2014 Midterms) were chosen to cram Initiative 594 into law by terrorizing the public. That is Soviet tactics – by Traitors.

Why are InfoWars and Amazon covering up Sandy Hook? Amazon banned a Newtown book – then InfoWars removed their article:

Both InfoWars and Amazon scrubbed/banned this smoking gun photo, credited to the CT State Police. The leaked photo shows actors lounging at the Sandy Hook “school shooting” dress rehearsal:

Newtown isn’t the only Fake Shooting. The Gun Grab Roadshow does false flags every week. Fake shootings include Marysville; Charleston; Columbine; Aurora; and Newtown.

Goals include (i) Gun grab laws; (ii) Diagnosing your children (via ‘Mental Health Laws’) to disqualify them from owning guns; and (iii) Ending Home Schooling, so public schools become your only choice. That’s not “gun control” – it’s Treason.

The SAME DAY traitors crammed TPP through the House of Representatives, they distracted you with the (fake) "Black Church Shooting" in Charleston. That way, you're looking at the hoax instead of the Treason (TPP). The Mayor of Charleston (Joseph P Riley) just happens to be retiring soon – and belongs to Bloomberg's gun-hoax group (MAIG).

There’s a reason the Regime is rushing to grab your guns.

Bizarrely, China had a “school stabbing” the SAME DAY as Newtown:

Newtown Coverup: Vanishing cops, destroying evidence, stonewalling FOIA.

Bottom line? Ask Lieutenant Paul Vance:

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BarrySoetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington Post; UK Telegraph; NY Daily News; Salon; MediaMatters; and DailyMail.

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