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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sandy Hook PHONY Dives Behind Car, Runs Away? (LIVE ABCNEWS)

Newtown’s “Sloppy Sniper” gets busted on Live TV:

During Newtown’s “shooting,” ABC News catches Sloppy Sniper on the school driveway – ducking behind a car!

Moments later, Sloppy Sniper runs from cameras – on LIVE TV! Why does Sloppy Sniper flee? Because Sloppy Sniper “might be” Hollywood actor, David Wheeler.

Many believe that David Wheeler played two (2) roles at Sandy Hook. Role #1 was “Sloppy Sniper” (Fake FBI Sniper) with zero firearms training. Role #2 was “grieving father” of a slain child (the fictional Benjamin Wheeler, killed at Sandy Hook).

Sloppy Sniper looks exactly like actor David Wheeler:

Here, Sloppy Sniper panics – heading too close to this TV camera. So he halts – and scurries backward:

Trapped, Sloppy Sniper rejoins the group – but ducks past the camera:

Bizarrely, this “FBI Sniper” has no clue how to handle a rifle. Sloppy Sniper carries his AR-15 upside down, by the magazine:

Sloppy Sniper never handled a rifle before Newtown. He casually points his AR-15 behind him, at women and children:

Sloppy Sniper wears army surplus clothing – without agency markings:

Field trips get better gear than Sloppy Sniper:

Newtown's official story appears to be a facade. David and Francine Wheeler are professional actors, touring America to grab your guns:

The Wheelers push “gun control” on talk shows, from Oprah to Rachel Maddow:

The Wheelers have close ties to Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Maureen White (former DNC finance chair; Hillary For President finance chair):

A mountain of evidence suggests the Newtown massacre was fake. For example, Sandy Hook followed the same script as Dunblane, Scotland’s “school shooting” (1996):

After Dunblane’s “massacre,” handguns were banned across the UK. Was Newtown’s goal the same as Dunblane – disarming a whole country? Growing evidence suggests that Newtown’s "school shooting" was a gun-grab hoax. Here’s more on the sketchy Columbine & Dunblane “shootings.”

But many wonder: How did the Newtown fraud endure so long? Sandy Hook couldn’t have happened without corrupt politicians allowing, then promoting, the scheme. CT Governor Dannel Malloy got caught on video, lying about Newtown. CT Senator Richard Blumenthal also promoted the Newtown gun-grab scam:

But the biggest scammer was Obama – delivering the Wheelers on Air Force One to lobby Congress against guns:

Meanwhile, the Gun Grab Roadshow holds false flags every week. Goals include (i) Gun grab laws; (ii) Diagnosing your children via ‘Mental Health Laws’ to disqualify them from owning guns; and (iii) Ending Home Schooling, so public schools become your only choice.

What You Can Do

Cancel cable TV -- stop paying $100/month to terrorize your family. You don’t need fake “TV shootings” sending your kids to DHS psychiatrists to get “diagnosed” and banned from owning guns.

Ask your favorite News Site or Gun Blog why they’re not covering Sandy Hoax.

But most importantly, show friends. You know someone at church; at the gun range. We’re not doing friends any favors, letting them wander into danger. Show everyone now, before America gets disarmed by Traitors.

See my prior coverage of David Wheeler (Sloppy Sniper) HERE and HERE.

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Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington PostUK TelegraphNY Daily NewsSalonMediaMatters; and DailyMail.

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