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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Boston Marathon Hoax Solved? 1 Photo Wrecks ‘Bombing?’ (VIDEO)

Does ONE photo destroy the Boston Marathon Bombing? Some feel this backpack proves the “Boston bombers” are innocent:

FBI photos (and court transcripts) place one “bomb” inside a black backpack. But FBI video doesn't match FBI photos! FBI video (on Left) proves neither Tsarnaev carried a black backpack (far Right):

FBI video shows the Boston “terrorists” carrying 1 gray backpack and 1 silver backpack. The famous “black backpack” is nowhere to be found in that FBI video. So where did this black backpack come from? Some believe it’s a stage prop, planted on the pavement, then photographed by FBI:

Was that black backpack shredded before Marathon day, then planted to give the impression of a terror attack? If so, you’re looking at the Boston Hoaxathon. Many believe the Boston Marathon Bombing was staged to test Martial Law and restrict gunpowder (so you can’t make ammunition at home). But was Boston also staged to normalize illegal searches?

Boston Police went door-to-door, searching homes. But without a warrant, that’s only legal when police are “in hot pursuit.” For example, police can enter your home if they watch a fugitive run inside your garage. But at Boston, police weren’t in hot pursuit of anyone in daytime – police just searched homes across Watertown, in violation of the 4th Amendment, “in case they found something.” That’s illegal. Was that shown on TV to condition you to accept illegal searches?

Even more bizarre, Boston “victim” Jeff Bauman loses both legs in one “blast.” Yet bystanders rush to help everyone EXCEPT the guy with no legs:

Look at that. Bystanders completely ignore Bauman while he “bleeds out.” Would your priority be a dazed person, or a man with both legs blown off? Why is Bauman ignored? 

One conclusion: Jeff Bauman – and the Tsarnaev brothers – were Crisis Actors. Did FBI use the Tsarnaev Brothers to terrorize your family and lock down Boston for 3 days?

Sandy Hook

Meanwhile, Freedom Friday exposed David Wheeler (actor) playing 2 roles at Sandy Hook:

On TV, “grieving Newtown father” David Wheeler gets caught playing “FBI Sniper” on CNN, then cramming his helmet down over his sunglasses – to hide from TV cameras!

But it gets worse on ABC News Live. On the Newtown school driveway, Sloppy Sniper (David Wheeler) DIVES behind a car to fool us:

Sloppy Sniper never handled a rifle before Newtown – he carries his AR-15 upside down, by the magazine:

That’s more smoking guns than the Alamo.

But Wheeler is the gift that keeps giving. David Wheeler (and wife Francine) are professional actors, with top-level DNC connections to Obama, Hillary Clinton, and (DNC Finance Chair) Maureen White. Here, Obama delivers the Wheelers to DC – to lobby Congress against guns:

Answers to all this? There aren’t any. After Wheeler got caught (on cable TV) fighting his SWAT helmet, Regime shills panicked. If their secret weapon is name-calling, we might just win this.

Bottom Line

You’re looking at clear evidence that the Regime stages fake shootings and bombings.

Is this coming from the Pentagon?

Is State Terror waged from the White Mosque?

Are top-level crooks (e.g. Bloomberg) in cahoots with federal agencies to break the law? Is silence gained via threats? Blackmail?

Either way, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Because the first time Newtown “happened,” it was called the Dunblane (Scotland) “school massacre.” Same playbook as Newtown. What happened after that fake Dunblane “shooting?” The UK banned handguns:

So today, the UK population can't buy pistols – due to Dunblane's fake “school shooting.” Evidence is mounting that Sandy Hook was America’s “Dunblane” – a ruse to disarm citizens:

Meanwhile, IRS persecutes Christians. The Regime stole our doctors. And MSM cheerleads these crimes:

So we forge on, digging to uncover what we can:

It’s time to wake your friends to propaganda, psyops and blatant treason.

Knowing isn’t enough. We’ve got the goods. It’s time to share these smoking guns.

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Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington PostUK TelegraphNY Daily NewsSalonMediaMatters; and DailyMail.

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