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Thursday, February 17, 2022


No matter what Bible verses are used to support what theological position those who have a 180-degree difference of opinion can always find a verse to support their position.

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Once that is done, the conversation becomes a confrontation akin to, "My dog is better than your dog!", "My dad can beat up your dad!", or "My Bible verses are better than your Bible verses!"   To continue in that kind of confrontation is a colossal waste of time and energy.  You are talking to a stone wall.  In the end, neither of the participants change. It always ends with, "I'll go my way and you go yours."  

Stop using the Bible as proof text for your position.  Determine what your selected verses expose about your position, state that position and make the person you are speaking with respond to your stated position, not your opinion of the meaning of your selected Bible proof-text verses.  Opinions about the meaning of Scripture can always be challenged with other opinions.  Your conviction of right or wrong can easily be agreed with or disagreed with but is hard to challenge or debate a conviction. "This verse means abortion is wrong" is a statement that is open for debate.  "Abortion is murder" is a statement of conviction that has to be accepted or rejected but it is hard to debate.  If the person counters your conviction with a Bible verse that he or she uses in an attempt to prove you wrong, (if you want to) you can challenge his or her verses with your own selected verses or clarify to him or her how he or she is misinterpreting the verse.  If that does not end with the other person having a change of mind, then close the matter with, "I have my convictions and you have yours. So be it."  And move on. Quit wasting your time and energy.  

I had a brief conversation with a fellow not long ago who held the position that it was a sin to test God.  He had his Bible verses that supported his opinion. I tried to share with him that there are various ways the Bible uses the concept of testing God; some were good and godly and some ways to test God are evil/ungodly. I tried to explain to him the distinctions between testing God and tempting God; he saw none.  He would have nothing to do with my attempted contribution to the subject. He continued to ignore my words, his errors in interpretation of his selected verses, and my selected Bible verses revealing the positive/good/godly ways to test God. He was content and driven to ignore my contribution and find more verses that he felt supported his opinion. 

That is not a conversation seeking the truth, that is ignoring any and all parts of the Bible that did not support his opinion and as evidenced by his selection of verses, ignoring the contextual understanding of the Bible.

To change the tone of the verbal exchange, I said to him, "If by testing God you mean to test or try his patience, certainly that is evil. If you mean by 'test God' to exercise our understanding of God's will and way by doing what we believe is God's will to see whether our understanding of God's will and way is correct, that is a godly test. Do you agree?"  He did not respond.

That ended the (so-called) conversation. He became silent, seethed inwardly for a moment, then changed the subject.  He changed the subject because he was not looking for the truth; he was devoted to proving himself right and me wrong by attacking my view of my Bible verses with his view of his Bible verses and ignoring my contribution to the subject.  He was looking for a debate.  More to the point, he was looking for a theological fight.  Such people know they are wrong but are too immature to admit it or take your contribution with any seriousness for fear they will have to admit they are wrong.  

Either ignore their invitation to fight or box them in a corner with the method I noted above until they become negative towards continuing their antagonistic attack, change the subject or go away.   Why flush your valuable time down the toilet trying to help them understand the truth?  You cannot force a person to face the truth when they are hell-bent on believing a lies.  Pray for them and move on. 

Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.


by Rev. Joda Collins

Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat. He because a Republican.  When he was charged with moving away from the Democrat Party he responded, "I did not move away from the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party moved away from me!"  

For good reason, the law requires the word "Poison" be printed on drain-cleaner.  The modern-day Democrat Party consists mostly of baby-killers, people who want to control rather than serve, godless people, evil people, lawless people, immature spoiled brats, those who are anti-freedom and anti-American. They are chronic and professional liars. They are mentally-unbalanced. They are mentally-ill.  They are bottom-feeders, poison, freaks and perverts.  That is not name calling any more than the word "poison" on a bottle of drain-cleaner is name calling; it is a rightly used word to accurately define the content of the bottle. 

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Any analysis of a political party eventually comes from the way politicians vote in Congress (434 members of the US House of Representatives and the 100 members in the Senate).  America is a divided nation.  The reality is those elected officials are usually about 50% Republican and 50% Democrat.  (https://www.patriotsnet.com/how-many-republicans-and-democrats-are-in-the-senate-now/ .)   Check the voting record of congressional Democrats and you will discover they are among the worst people in the world. 

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Some older Democrats remain Democrats because of the historical position of the Democrat Party.  I have news for those people.  The Democrat Party of the John F. Kennedy era is dead.  People who remain Democrats because of the Democrat Party of the days of John F. Kennedy are members of a ghost party.  It is gone. I was not involved in politics when JFK was President, so I do not know from first-hand experience if the Democrat Party of JFK was really much different than the Democrat Party of today.  Some say it was. If it was, it is gone now.     

I consider congressional Democrats to be enemies of America because they are.  The sooner Republicans understand that the sooner we can get rid of Democrats.  I advocate our best efforts to vote them out of Congress before we hold them accountable for their crimes against America.  If they cannot be voted out or imprisoned for their crimes against America, then other alternatives to correct the situation need to be considered before the damage done by Democrats reaches critical mass. 

Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

Fascist False Flag Deception? THERE'S NO NEED TO FEAR; SLEEPY-JOE IS HERE!


By Chris Farrell

The Fascist proclivity for turning to manufactured theatrical productions in order to deceptively advance their agenda may be at play in what is being broadcast as an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine.


What does Putin need most of all?

For Trump NOT to be re-elected in '24.' 

Putin may in fact NOT invade Ukraine and give the "victory," as it would be broadcast by the Main-Stream Propagandists who pose as the Press, to Sleepy-Joe Biden's "Diplomacy" in an effort to bolster the Liberal-Fascist Progressive-Socialist's chances at defeating Trump in '24.'


Nothing would benefit Putin more than if Trump were defeated in '24.' 

Orchestrating the near commencement of full-scale war in Europe, then staging a miraculous diplomatic save and attributing the avoidance of war to Beijing-Biden's diplomatic prowess might be the Hail Mary that the Fascists in Russia and the Fascists in the U.S.A. are placing their hope in to keep one of their own in the Oval Office in 2025.


Putin may well be staging Biden, who clearly has no idea what is going on, to appear to be the Underdog-to-the-rescue who miraculously prevents a full-blown Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Son-of-a-Gun if Underdog's beady little eyes don't resemble Sleepy-Joe Biden's!

Underdog Cartoon theme song - YouTube


Biden's close ties with Ukrainian entities through his crack-head son, Hunter, may too be availing the apparently suffering from Alzheimer's patient of the channels with which to closely coordinate the production of what appears to be a theatrically choreographed ruse with Putin. 
Birds of a Fascist feather quite naturally stick together, especially when threatened by the liberty that President Donald J. Trump represents. 
I'm not betting on the Super Bowl today, but I'm betting that the Russians do not invade Ukraine or if they do it is a made-for-television choreographed false-flag operation intended to give Sleepy-Joe Biden credit for preventing a war thereby increasing the slim chance that any Liberal-fascist Progressive-Socialist might defeat Donald Trump in 2025.

Fascists fake incidents like they fake the news. For example, the way the orchestrated-by-agents-provocateur January 6th riot was incited and the security personnel surrounding the Capitol Building opened up their ranks and waved in the peaceful Trump supporters so that they could fabricate the false narrative of an 'Insurrection;' that kind of staged phony incident to be used as political leverage.

The so-called 'imminent' invasion of Ukraine by Russia and what I suspect will be its orchestrated 11th hour diplomatic avoidance may be another theatrically choreographed incident, like the January 6th Capitol Building Breech, intended to contribute to the defeat of Donald Trump.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Bill Martinez: What Are Dems Seeing That Is Causing Them To Head For The Exits Along With A Supreme Court Justice?

What Are Dems Seeing That Is Causing Them To Head For The Exits Along With A Supreme Court Justice?  Makes one wonder who was in control of the judge's exit.  The timing is critical and imperative for a party that is determined to force a losing and unpopular agenda on the American people.

Well, it would seem that the age-old saying has come back to torment the Democratic party and its elected leaders, "Thou shalt not lie to voters."  All indications are that Dems should get a deserved shellacking in the midterms.  The party leadership has led them down a road of avarice and determined self-service.   

You have to be purposely blind to ignore the elitism and self-aggrandizement that includes family related corruption, insider trading and everything else that makes them mega- millionaires on the people's dime. This is by invitation only from the elitist most powerful to the inner circle of the Deep State.

Congressman Jerry Nadler flat out lied when he said there was no Deep State.  Who and what is the Deep State?  The ultimate lever pullers and puppeteers of our government and politics.  It's estimated to be around 580 uber wealthy American oligarchs.  Some form of the same exists in other nations.  Russia has their oligarchs too beholden to Putin, and China has their Princelings as described by Miranda Devine in her new book, Laptop from Hell.

This ruling elite class isn't affected by elections, they effect elections.  All the institutions that we thought we could trust and believe in are all compromised and beholden to this shadow government.  Our constitutional ideal of a government of, for and by the people is laughable to these ruling elites.  They allow us to pretend our best interests are safe and secure because their money shields them from a corrupt and compromised government that blatantly lies to the governed.

They are the ultimate power brokers who control the majority of our government leaders, institutions, media, social media, entertainment, etc.  As they say, follow the money and your eyes will start to be open.  It's simple and yet complex because of the enormity of their control even over the institutions that are the people's supposed defense of a tyrannical government.

Sadly, these defenders of our republic especially the media, have all become "one of them," and abandoned their constitutional right to exist.  It's their dereliction of duty that is costing Americans our freedoms. It's what happens when a free press is no longer free or fair.

The Democrats have had fool (full) control of our government and within a year have managed to screw everything up.  From energy independence, our Southern border, immigration, Covid management, and Afghanistan just to name a few.

As Marco Rubio declared during the 2016 campaign, America's allies no longer trust us, and our enemies no longer fear us.   Then, it was Obama-Biden, now it's Biden-Harris.  The common denominator?  Biden and the Democrats.  They are proving unworthy of our trust and our vote.  Let the shellacking begin! 



Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Bill Martinez Show. Find out more at billmartinezshow.com