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Sunday, January 27, 2019


by Rev. Joda Collins.

The meaning of words change with time and usage.  For example:

1.  Gay used to mean happy and a mouse use to be just a rodent.
2.  Homophobic used to mean being afraid of homosexuals and now it means not accepting the homosexual lifestyle as normal.  
3.  Racist use to mean having a judgmental and critical attitude towards black people. 
4.  Then racist began to be used to mean having a judgmental and critical attitude towards any ethnic, social or economic group or skin color.  
5.  The emerging meaning of racist is using or referencing any ethnic, social or economic group or skin color as a tool towards a narcissistic emotional, financial and/or political end.  

This last category (#5) was invented by the Democrat Party that accuses Republicans of being racist as the #4 definition applies, in order to advance the Democrat narcissistic emotional (feelings of superiority), financial (big government paying a lot of money to unnecessary bureaucrats and collecting lots of taxes to pay poor people more money in welfare in order to secure Democrat votes), and political ends (putting more and more Democrats in office).

Democrats are liars at heart and every thinking person knows that.  Outside of closet-racists in the Democrat Party, there are very few racists in America as defined by the fourth definition of racist.  And, the vast majority of racists in America are Democrats who meet the definition of racists as defined by #4 and #5 above.

Open borders for the purpose of flooding America with non-whites with the expectation that the majority of non-white illegal's will vote Democrat is racist.  Making unsubstantiated allegations of #4 style racism against Republicans is #5 style racism.  Providing and defending sanctuary cities is racist.  Promoting a "right to vote mentality" for non-citizens is racist.  Democrats are the most racist people in America.

This article qualifies as news, because it is news to most people that racist, as defined in #5 is the current, most often used meaning of the word racist, that it was created by Democrats and almost solely used by Democrats against anyone or any group that disagrees with the radical Democrat agenda.

Today's politics in America is not like it used to be; a family squabble. Today's politics is war for the soul of America.  The problem is most Republicans are still fighting like it is a family squabble while Democrats are fighting for blood.  Republicans want compromise. Democrats want victory.  One man, among only a few like him, is fighting Democrats on the Democrat battlefield.  His name is Donald Trump.  As someone accurately stated, "Democrats are not out to destroy Donald Trump, they are out to destroy the Constitution of the United States and Donald Trump is in their way."   For the few who do not yet understand, the Constitution of the United States is a synonym for YOU!

The emerging re-definition of the word racist, is a strategy to destroy you. The intent of the new definition is to shut you up and convince you not support Donald Trump. 

Image result for democrats are racist

It is a pretty good plan. Democrats are not stupid; they are evil. They are not our family; they are our enemy.  They will destroy the Constitution, America, Donald Trump, you and yours if we do not stop them. It is that simple. 

The cold war in America between Constitutionalist and Democrats/RINOs can only escalate into a civil war if Constitutionalist do not destroy Democrats and RINOs on the political battlefield.  Take your choice. One of the war strategies is to charge all who disagree with them with being racists (#4 definition) in an effort to discredit our words. It is imperative to understand that the Democrats are using the new definition of racism (#5) and expose them for it.  The Democrat charge of racism is a ploy to get Republicans and Constitutionalist to shut up so the Democrat voice is the only voice being heard; they want a monologue not a dialogue because a dialogue turns into a debate and they cannot win a debate.  Again, there is no one more racist than a modern Democrat. 

Every non-Democrat should be shouting loud and often "Democrats are racists!"  Be ready to define "racists" as noted in #5 above which is using or referencing any ethnic, social or economic group or skin color as a tool towards a narcissistic emotional, financial and/or political end. More to the point the Democrat use of the word "racist" means lying by calling someone a racist in an attempt to discredit that person or group thus end dialogue about issues the Democrats cannot win with logical debate. 

Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

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