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Thursday, January 10, 2019


by Rev. Joda Collins.

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Mark 9:17-26 tells of a boy controlled by an evil spirit.  Often the evil spirit would cause the boy to go into convulsions and try to throw himself in water or into a fire. This was a chronic condition.  Ephesians  5:29 states that "no man has ever yet hated his own flesh (body)."  The evidence that this boy was under the control of an evil spirit is that he treated his own body in a hateful way.  In other words, his actions were harmful to himself.  No one in their right mind harms him or herself.  

Here is what we know for sure.  With our open southern US border, illegal drugs, illegal aliens, terrorists and other criminals of all sorts and sickness of all kinds poor into our Country. When you combine all of the deaths caused by illegal's, their diseases, crimes, costs for incarcerating illegal's, welfare payments, crooked voting and the costs for drug use/abuse they bring into America the price tag is overwhelming sorrow for millions of Americans and billions upon billions of tax dollars spent every year because we have no wall keeping preventable evil and avoidable diseases out of our Country.


There is no doubt that an un-walled southern border hurts our Country tremendously in a myriad of ways.  Why would Democrats and RINOs want open borders?  Obviously, Democrats think illegal's are more likely to vote Democrat and that is a reasonable assumption. RINO's are just paid off.  However, the overwhelming sorrow illegal's bring in and the overwhelming financial hardship to Americans caused by illegal's hurts us all, even Democrats and RINOs.  Why would Democrats and RINOs work so hard to hurt themselves and their own families?  It has to be demonic possession and/or demonic obsession.  Only those controlled by demonic forces hurt themselves. I have no doubt that the Democrat Party is controlled by demonic forces.  Liberalism is a mental disease because liberalism is a demonic condition. 

The next time you see someone come apart emotionally at the mention of Donald Trump (Trump Derangement Syndrome), think about the convulsions and self-harming boy revealed in Mark 9:17-26.  Only people under the control or overwhelming influence of demonic forces work hard to hurt themselves and/or their own.  

When we face and/or confront Democrats and RINOs we are face-to-face in a confrontation with demonic beings standing with, behind or inside of flesh and blood. Indeed liberalism is a mental disorder and it is a spiritual disorder.  There is no other way to rightly judge and/or understand the insanity of the political and immoral left. Their tools are half-truths, full lies, hate and lack of logic; all common tools of demonic forces/beings.

Demonic forces cannot be reasoned with or enjoined with compromise. Demonic forces have to be confronted head on.  Light does not compromise with darkness, it overpowers it.  Good does not compromise with evil, it overcomes it.  Right does not get into bed with wrong. Right obliterates wrong. Jesus delivered the demon possessed boy from demonic control. Jesus did not offer the demon a compromise, speak logically to or try to befriend the demon.

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We dare not compromise or even try to compromise with Democrats and RINOs. They are not normal people.  They are not our friends.  They are beyond reasoning with. Our only reasonable goal is for their spiritual deliverance, their removal from power/influence or their destruction. The best chance for evil to win is toleration.  When evil cannot win immediately, evil wants tolerance/compromise to live and fight another day for the same evil victory.  It is time to pray harder for deliverance of Democrats and RINOs from demonic control, as we lock and load.  Can you imagine any other reasonable options? 

Look at it this way. The American Civil War was fought over two issues.
1.  What the Southerners considered the Federal overreach into the rights of States to govern themselves in matters that best served their State interest.
2.  The issue of slavery being morally right or morally wrong.

Today, the Federal government is involved in the day-to-day lives of Americans in an increasing fashion telling us what we can and cannot eat, what gender restrooms we can and cannot use, what words we can and cannot say and more.  Also, the Federal government is putting us on an increasingly fast  tract to becoming a nation under the control of Muslims and other criminals that flood across our border, thus fast returning American to the days of slavery but this time enslaving Americans to Islam and criminal activity.  This time not to plantation owners but to Muslims and as subjects under the control of the Deep State and crime syndicates at every level from the federal level to the streets of our cities.

If one civil war was fought over these issues (rights and slavery), why would not these same issues create another civil war?  In my thinking, the sooner the better. Once the Democrats outnumber Republicans and Independents civil war or surrender to Democrats/Muslims is inevitable. Why wait that long to stand up for what is right?   The two greatest threats to America are Democrats (Muslim sympathizers, traitors to the Constitution in general and demonic by nature) and Islam (Muslims).  It is time to declare war on both enemies before their combined forces make our victory impossible. 

Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

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