Saturday, September 21, 2013



First Responders: Radios Failed During Navy Yard Shooting

Technical snafu adds extra layer of mystery to Navy Yard shooting’s questionable events
Adan Salazar

Sept. 21, 2013
In a report that has gone virtually unnoticed in the mainstream press, D.C. police and firefighters who first arrived to assist at the Washington Navy Yard earlier this week say they were frustrated when their radios failed during inspection of the building, adding yet another strange development to the already questionable set of circumstances that took place that day.

Navy Yard building: Emergency responders say radios lost contact inside building.

Navy Yard building: Emergency responders say radios lost contact inside building.

A union representative for the first responders said, “Initially, officers found that their radios were working. But as they ventured deeper into the building where the shooting took place, their equipment stopped functioning,” according to a report from The Hill.

Instead, officers were forced to rely on their cell phones to communicate with one another, a detail the chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police Naval District Washington Labor Committee, Anthony Meely, says was “unnecessary and sad.”

“They had to use their cellphone to just call out and tell them what’s going on,” Meely said.
Meely said he was disgusted by news that the team had to use cell phones, but that faulty radios were “a known issue” on the base, and that they were notorious for not being able to function properly within buildings, in addition to having batteries that could never sustain charge.


  1. The team that responded which was present at the Boston Marathon Massacre was probably at the Navy Yard in D.C. to make sure that the shooter died. Dead men tell no tales.

  2. Yes - the "Boston Bomber" had his throat cut and vocal chords severed in an "emergency tracheotomy" even though pictures of him surrendering show no injury to the throat or need for such a procedure. The Navy Yard Shooter is shot dead. Dead men can't testify. Pattern?