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Friday, November 8, 2013



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Carl Gallups (founder of PPSIMMONS News and Ministry Network and host of Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups on 1330 WEBY - Gulf Coast Talk Radio) has just released the following statement concerning the White House birth certificate investigation and the ongoing investigation by the Cold Case Posse.

“Many of you have been asking by email, telephone, FB, YT, tweets, and blog posts – “What’s going on with the birth certificate investigation?  Whey have you gone silent?  Is it over? Did you hit a roadblock?”

While I am not an official spokesperson for Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio - here is what I can tell you at this point: The investigation has never gone silent and it has never stopped. Mike Zullo and I have been telling you (for months) that this investigation took a deeper turn some time back. Well – it not only took a deeper turn – but it has now become much, much deeper!  Deeper than you could ever imagine!

Mike has been traveling around the country the last two weeks as a result of this new branch of investigation. The implications of what has been uncovered (with hard documentation and evidence) are absolutely astounding – it is beyond monumental.  As a result  - the investigation work has increased 100-fold in intensity. This is why Mike Zullo has made no recent comments. The necessity for absolute 100% confidentiality is too important. I would not expect a detailed comment from Mike Zullo or Sheriff Arpaio for a while. This is simply too big to let even a hint out about what they now know.

I can also tell you that – based upon what I know – the birth certificate issue has been 100% settled. I am not at liberty to tell you how we know, but we now know without any argument or even the slightest shade of doubt – the birth certificate posted on the White House website is a 100% fabrication.

All the talk about the Xerox machine and reproducing certain anomalies found on the White House birth certificate has now been completely, forensically, and in 100% evidentiary fashion – debunked. The entire Obot minutia portfolio has been completely eviscerated. Their smokescreen has been obliterated. To all of those who have had deep concerns about the matter of the authenticity of the birth certificate – you have been vindicated. You were right! This will eventually come to light. Be patient.

Again – this entire affair is now much bigger than the birth certificate.  As soon as I am at liberty to say more I will. Until then America will simply have to be patient, pray, and trust.

Sheriff Arpaio, Mike Zullo, et.al. have not lied to you or misled you in the past. They will not in the future, either. They are working tirelessly as I speak.  You will see the results one day in the future – and then you will know.

Let me add – this is the first time that Mike Zullo hasn’t told me everything that he knows. There is simply too much and it now goes too deep. I know enough to tell you with confidence what I have just told you. Trust me  – this is huge… it is so monumentally huge.”

Note: For those of you who are concerned about the safety of those of us who "know" this information - no worries. Every precaution has been taken to completely secure the information and how it can be released. No one person or group of persons becoming the subject of "harm" will stop the release of this history-changing information.


AUDIO VERSION OF THE ABOVE ARTICLE - Exact same information as above


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  1. Carl Gallups (founder of PPSIMMONS;

    Sir, please engage with me on the subject of who is or is not a "LEGA" (U.S.) natural born Citizen.

    It is essentially linked to the ENTIRE controversy and without a uniformly acknowledged "legal", (enforceable), definition of circumstances that constitutes being in conformity with the Constitutional usage and intent WE will be facing the same controversy as time and the "transient political aspects" of the term of words become relevant in the election cycles.

    In order to be "legal" under the Constitution the term of words MUST be construed under the Federal Laws and when the rules of statutory construction and statutory interpretations are applied to the various elements that affect U.S. Citizenship the Constitutionally correct determination becomes easy to acknowledge.

    WE need to get this info to Mike Zullo .........

    1. The established definition of a "Natural-Born Citizen" which was affirmed in Minor v Happersett,US Supreme Court is: "A person born in the United States of America of parents who are both American citizens themselves at the time of said person's birth"

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esiZZ-1R7e8

  2. "No person except a natural born Citizen... shall be eligible to the Office of President;"
    - the Constitution of the United States, Art. ii, § 1, ¶ 5.

    Benjamin Franklin recorded that The Law of Nations by Emerich de Vattel was present at all meetings where the Framers hammered out the wording of the U.S. Constitution. The Law of Nations was the reference book on the table at the signing of the Constitution. De Vattel did not create the "natural born Citizen" concept; he merely codified the universally or most generally understood and accepted international law at that time. He wrote (in French, validly paraphrased here):

    "A natural born Citizen is
    one born in the country
    to parents who are citizens."

    (N.B.: "parents" is plural, meaning the biological father and mother, not adopting parents, not the mother and her legal husband, and plainly, not one citizen parent and an alien parent. The phrase, "natural born Citizen," is a term of art from international law, a legal idiom for a specific condition or thing, not just words to be subjectively defined out of context. However, as I understand the English language, the pronoun "one" refers back to the only previous noun, "Citizen", in which case the definition expands to, "a citizen born in the country to parents who are citizens.")

    This definition was:

    the norm in western civilization dating back to Plato and Herodotus (4th & 5th c. BC);

    used in correspondence among the Framers of the Constitution;

    quoted nearly verbatim in at least eleven U.S. Supreme Court cases: The Venus, Shanks v. DuPont, Dred Scott v. Sandford, The Slaughterhouse Cases, Minor v. Happersett (pp.167-168 ), Elk v. Wilkins, Ex parte Reynolds, U.S. v. Ward, Wong Kim Ark ¹, Keith v. U.S., and Perkins v. Elg, and never contradicted in any U.S. Supreme Court decision (although the lower courts were confused and conflicted, as in the Ankeny decision by the Indiana Supreme Court);

    quoted by U.S. Rep. John A. Bingham and U.S. Sen. Jacob Howard, authors of Amendment XIV, which concerns only citizens and never mentions natural born Citizens; and

    characteristic of every duly-elected President born since the U.S. Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788. Chester A. Arthur was not elected President, but he became President by succession upon the death of President James Garfield. Chester A. Arthur was 17 years old before his Canadian father become a U.S. citizen, a fact which he even burned his Presidential papers to hide. That disqualification for the offices of President and Vice President was kept secret throughout his one partial term as President (1881-1885) and until it was discovered by Atty. Leo Donofrio's researchers - in 2008!

    On the other hand, Mr. Obama was not only born in Kenya ² , but his mother was not yet 19, the age required in 1961 to confer her U.S. citizenship to her foreign-born child ³ . His father of record was a Kenyan, a British Protected Subject, which status passed to all his offspring. How could a newborn Barack Obama II, whose birth status was governed by British law, be a natural born Citizen of the United States? He was not even a U.S. citizen at birth. UNLESS he has been NATURALIZED, (which is mutually exclusive of "natural born" and which would exclude him from being a natural born Citizen,)


    ¹ On pp. 679-680 of Wong Kim Ark, after many pages of discussing the concept of "natural-born subject" as used in the Common Law and by the Crown, from which Americans fought the Revolutionary War to free themselves, Justice Gray quoted Chief Justice Waite's definition of nbC from Minor as his final word on the subject of "natural-born citizen."

    1. So when is obamy going to be REMOVED from office and the demoncrapic party PUNISHED?!!!!!!

    2. The Lord says... Very soon. Psalm 2

    3. Still looking for the 'LIKE' button! :)

    4. In the 2016 election we could very well have 3 candidates that have not proven they are NBC. Evidence suggests they are not. It is important that this issue be resolved soon. Especially since it has been used to destroy the Constitution.

  3. Since mid-2008, laws in the U.S. have encountered an explosion of non-compliance, even open defiance. Checks and balances have ceased to function effectively. By means of the Dept. of Justice, the U.S. Attorneys, and AG Eric Holder in particular, the executive branch has asserted dominance over the legislative and judicial branches of the federal government... even over state governments on issues which Amendment X reserves to the people and to the states. In an act of sedition, by the overthrow of government according to the Constitution of the U.S., Mr. Obama and his executive branch minions have lawlessly annulled the Constitution, Art. ii, § 1, ¶ 5, the "natural born Citizen" clause, without a constitutional amendment passed by a two-thirds vote in each chamber of Congress, without ratification by three-fourths of the states, without even his own signature.


    ² As Maricopa Co. Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse" report and three expert witnesses on document forgery attested, the much-publicized Hawaii COLB is counterfeit - a forgery. The more detailed Certificate, posted in response at whitehouse.gov on April 27, 2011, is also a forgery, as shown in the subsequent "Mike Zullo Report." At first, before being repeatedly corrected, the counterfeit short form COLB had at least 12 errors, such as the missing embossed seal, which proved it was not genuine. For example, "FATHER'S RACE: AFRICAN" was not then, and is not now, one of the specified racial categories for a U.S. Standard Birth Certificate. In 1961, "African-American" was unheard of; the corresponding official category for race was "Negro" or "negroid"; "mulatto" or "colored" was also accepted in 1961. "African" refers not to a race, but to a native or resident of the continent of Africa.

    This .jpg image of a COLB is purportedly a short-form computer-generated abstract, printed from data on the Hawaii DOH computer database. It is only presented as .jpg images on the internet, which are easily altered with photo-editing software or created on websites which generate fake documents. When first posted at DailyKOS on June 12, 2008, the .jpg image lacked an embossed seal and had only the upper paper fold, even though every Hawaii COLB is automatically embossed with the Hawaii DOH seal and double-folded by machine before leaving the office. That image has evolved through a number of revisions as critics have pointed out its flaws and errors.

    The birth announcement in two Honolulu newspapers did not disclose Barack Obama II's place of birth, or even his name. However, a $5000 bribe secured a copy of the long-form birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama II from Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, complete with signatures appropriate for 1961. The document appears to be legitimate, with no disqualifying flaw, although the courts have steadfastly refused to officially examine it.


    33 million Ugandans and 40 million Kenyans, including Kenya's Ambassador to the U.S., Peter Ogego, and some Members of Kenya's Parliament, have almost unanimously acclaimed Barack Obama II as the "Kenyan-born" U.S. President. (I say "almost" to prevent the anticipated counter with names of some individuals in Kenya who carry water for the impostor and cover for the usurpation: for example, the Odinga wing of the Kenyan government.)

    1. "since mid 2008, laws in the U.S. have encountered an explosion of noncompliance, even open defiance"....and that my friend is the crux and the entire root and core base of what is happening with this administration. Fiat executive orders are usurping constitutional law.

  4. Mama Sarah Onyango Obama said, in Swahili, repeating herself to eliminate any misunderstanding, that her step-grandson, Barack Obama II, was born in Mombasa, Kenya. She also said, "Barack ├▒ate dhalani," that is, "Barack born of village," referring to her step-grandson - not Barrack, Snr. - and her home village of Kogelo, near Kisumu. Ever since, Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Barack Obama II's cousin, has kept Mama Sarah under armed guard 24/7, off limits to western reporters. Mama Sarah spoke to Labor & Delivery caregivers and others at a UN conference on orphans, "Even the U.S. President passed through my hands." At that time, she had never been outside of Kenya.

    Likewise in Honolulu, Sen. Obama would not allow reporters or investigators to speak to his maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, to the day of her death... the day before the 2008 elections.

    When it comes to their grands, grandmothers (almost) never lie. Politicians do.

    ³ In the Opinion of the Court for Minor v. Happersett 88 U.S. 167 (1875), Chief Justice Waite wrote:

    At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens [but NOT as natural-born citizens] children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts [about citizenship only], but never as to the first.

    Likewise, in the Opinion for Wong Kim Ark v. U.S. 169 U.S. 679 (1898 ), Assoc. Justice Gray quoted the above definition of nbC as his concluding statement about "natural-born citizens," after many pages of discussion about "natural-born subjects," which are defined differently in the Common Law.

    The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, as in effect in 1961 and until 1984, read:

    Section 301. (a) The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth: . . .
    (7) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than ten years, at least five of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years...

    As a professional investigator hired by Western Journalism explained, people can debate the meaning of the term “natural born citizen” as long as they like, but this much is clear: in 1961, if 18 year old Anna Dunham Obama gave birth on foreign soil to a child whose father was not an American citizen, then the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, as it was in effect in 1961, denied her child any right to American citizenship of any kind. Therefore, if at the time of his birth Barack Obama II was ineligible for American citizenship of any kind, he cannot be a “natural-born citizen” of the U.S. - Kenya, maybe, but not the U.S..

    Mr. Obama is not a "natural-born Citizen" of the U.S. even though the Immigration and Nationality Act was revised 23 years after he was born. Even if U.S. law was changed to retroactively grant citizenship (but not “natural born Citizen" status) to some who had been denied citizenship at birth, a person who was not a U.S. citizen from birth cannot somehow "become" a natural born citizen of the U.S. later. No statute can retroactively make a Kenyan British Protected Subject into a not-by-statute "natural born Citizen" of the U.S..


  5. Based on Minor vs. Hapersett, 88 U.S. 162, the Supreme Court defined "natural born citizens" as "all children born in a country of parents who are its citizens."

    "Natural born citizen" is defined as the purest form of citizenship, requiring both jus soli ("law of the soil") citizenship and jus sanguinis ("law of the blood") citizenship—with BOTH parents being citizens.

    US citizens, even if born in the US to parents who were both US citizens, who have any foreign citizenship, no matter when or how acquired, are not eligible to be President. This issue has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. It's a question of loyalty and avoidance of even the appearance of conflict of interest. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    The only explicit definition of "natural born citizen" in the historical record, that was provided by one of the Founders, defines it as meaning a person born in the country to citizen parents. No testimony from any other Founder or delegate of the Constitutional Convention exists that claims any other definition.

    Obviously obama was not vetted properly and by his own admitted parentage, he's ineligible to legally hold the office of POTUS.

    Minor vs. Hapersett used the 14th Amendment as the basis for its second principal holding concerning the right to vote, but not for its first principal holding concerning whether or not the petitioner was a US citizen (court decisions can involve multiple holdings, which are the precedent-setting decisions the court makes in order to decide the legal and/or factual issues before the court in a particular case.)

    The Court in Minor determined that before it could decide the issue of whether the petitioner, an adult white woman, had any Federal right to vote based on the 14th Amendment, it first had to decide whether or not she was a citizen, and if so on what basis?

    The Court held that the petitioner was in fact a US citizen, and had been such from birth, before the ratification of the 14th Amendment. The reasoning the Court used to reach that holding is actually central to the question of the Supreme Court's definition of "natural born citizen."

    AND...that definition is pivotal regarding obama's legitimacy to hold the office of POTUS...reason why? Re-read above.

  6. Sounds very interesting - I'll watch this space!

  7. A natural born citizen is anyone who is a citizen at birth.. Obama's mother was a citizen, but she didn't meet the residency requirements in place at the time to pass citizenship to her son (10 years, 5 of them after the age of 14.. she was 18 when he was born). So if he wasn't born on US soil, he was never a US citizen of any kind.

    1. A Natural-Born Citizen must be born in the United States IN ADDITION TO having been born of parents who are BOTH Americans. A "Citizen at Birth" is NOT the same as a "Natural-Born Citizen". The State of NY,whom I am suing at this time has mistakenly confused the two separate classes of citizens also.

  8. M. Zullo, Affidavits and evidence:


  9. And Mike Zullo knows what happens to folks who make claims like this about Obama. If what he knows is true and damaging, he can bet there are assassination squads at the ready to take care of him. Wouldn't it be better for his own safety if he would tell us all most of what they've learned, especially if they have evidence that is terribly damaging.

    1. if anything happens to Arpaio or Zullo the evidence they have will be released from several directions. both men are not so stupid that they dont have their bases covered. when they release what they have it will be so damning and so overwhelming that there will be no escape from the wrath of the American people. and all those lying TV news jokes like O reilly will be retiring because they have no credibility left.