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Friday, November 8, 2013

Obama Having No Birth Certificate Still Matters

by Rev. Joda Collins

The Constitution of the United States mandates that only a native-born U.S. citizens (or those born abroad, but only to parents who were both citizens of the U.S.) may become President.  The Founding Fathers have this provision to best ensure that no man would be in the Office of President who has allegiance to any other country, governmental system or people that exceeds his allegiance to the United States, our Constitution or our people. 

Obama was never asked to present a certified copy of his original birth certificate in order to "run" for President, take the oath of Office, move into the Oval Office or begin his tenure as President. However, when it became obvious that he has allegiances to other countries that exceed his allegiance (if any) to America, that he values the governmental systems in opposition to ours and wants to make void our Constitution, people began to ask, "Is this rat an American?   He sure does not act like an American!"  So, upon learning that he was not asked to show a certified copy of his birth certificate previously and that he is using a illegal Social Security number, Americans asked to see a certified copy of  his birth certificate. 

Obama's answer was and emphatic, "No!"  Rather he submitted a forged document "on line."  

We learned that he traveled on a passport denoting he was not an American, that he applied to college as a foreigner asking for and receiving foreign aid funds. We heard his wife say that her husband's home land was in Africa.   We read in Obama's own book that he was born in Kenya.

If Obama is an American citizen, then he traveled on an illegal passport, lied about his birthplace in order to steal federal funds for his education, his wife lied about where her husband was born and he "mis-wrote" in his book where he was born or missed the "misprint" during his edit.   I suspect that stealing American tax-dollars to get an education should put a person in jail rather than the Oval Office, but maybe that is just my twisted thinking.

The fact that Obama is not an American citizen means he traveled on a valid passport, did not steal federal funds for his education and that his wife was telling the truth about his birthplace and his book tells the truth about his place of birth.  It also means that he is not constitutionally-qualified to be the President of the United States.

Personally, if Obama would begin today to stand up for America, stop trying to destroy our economy, stop trying to replace capitalism with socialism, stop firing military patriots, remove members of the Muslim Brotherhood from the White House and military leadership, stop sending guns and ammo to our enemies, stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood at home and abroad, stop violating the Constitution of the United States, stop his relentless attacks on Americans and American values, stop his constant lying, grow up and become a man, admit that he does not have the right to start a war with any country he wants to any time he wants, stop using the IRS to attack Americans he does not like, and if the body count of those who disagree with him would end today, then I would not care that much about his birth status.  However, because Obama is hell-bent on destroying America and replacing the Constitution with his will, not only does the fact that he not an American citizen still matter, it matters more than ever; for with this one fact alone, he should be and could be removed from office in two days!!!

The only people keeping that action from starting are the Republicans in the House who think it is a waste of time to do their job and begin the process of impeachment.

I have one question for the House of Representatives.   When did the American people tell you that you do not have to do your job because you think the Senate Democrats won't do theirs?  Your lack of action against a foreign-born President will be rightly read by history as facilitating the demise of America or, at least, in concord with it.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

Do your job!  At least get it on record that you agree with the Construction that a foreigner should not be our President.  Impeach!  If you get voted out of office for doing your job, so what!  If the voters vote you out for supporting our Constitution, then the country was lost anyway.  And, you get to enjoy a clear-conscience.  DO YOUR JOB!   "To them who know to do right but do it not, to them it is sin."  (Paraphrase of James 4:17.)  There is no valid excuse for failing to do your job.  DO YOUR JOB!

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.


  1. Quote from article:

    "The only people keeping that action from starting are the Republicans in the House who think it is a waste of time to do their job and begin the process of impeachment."

    The Republicans do nothing to impeach or investigate Obama because there is much evidence that members of Congress, both parties, assisted in knowingly getting an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist elected as the putative president. Congress decided to go into "lockdown" mode and never do anything that could expose the full truth about Obama. The reason is, the truth would send many of them to prison right along with Obama. Even those in Congress who are only complicit in the crime of refusing to acknowledge Obama's usurpation and of sending lies and obfuscation to their constituents on the subject of Obama's usurpation are guilty of violating their oath to the Constitution.

    There are no good guys and bad guys, all of Congress is guilty in participating in the biggest fraud in history and they will never do anything, such as impeachment, that runs the risk of fully exposing Obama's usurpration and causing it to be acted on.

    Congress fears at least some of their members will lose their personal freedom if Congress acts against Obama.

    This allows the Obama regime to do anything they want without fear.

  2. The requirements is "Natural Born Citizen" for President. That means you need two American citizen parents and born on soil under the governance of the United States.