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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Understanding Obamacare

by Rev. Joda Collins

Obamacare costs young people two to three times the amount that traditional health care would have cost them and reduces medicare benefits for senior citizens.  Obamacare is costing Americans their 40-hour jobs replaced with 29-hour per week jobs and swelling the ranks of those who qualify for welfare.  Today, the Senate wants to increase the minimum wage by 40% to $10.10 per hour so lower income people can pay the higher prices of Obamacare or the higher premiums on personal policies increased because of Obamacare.  Free emergency room services (since people do not have to pay for emergency room services if they can not) are being replaced with 60% coverage plans that poor people will be mandated to pay for in whole or in part, plus pay the 40% balance or have it added to their personal tax burden.  
Obamacare was touted as the answer to those who have no insurance, yet Obamacare is causing up to 17 million Americans to lose their insurance. Seventeen million newly uninsured Americans because of Obamacare is more Americans that did not have insurance before Obamacare became "the stinking law of the land."
Homeowners can lose their homes to the IRS if they do not pay their 10% to 40% deductible. (Can you say "socialism?" Socialism is, among other disgusting things, the absence of private ownership of land and all land owned by the government.  Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_property). 

Some people who were told they can keep their insurance if they do not want Obamacare are now being told they cannot keep their insurance and some who can keep their insurance are being billed two to five times their previous rate in order to keep the same or less coverage.
Obamacare was, supposedly, designed to help Americans who did not have catastrophic health care coverage. Yet, I see nothing in Obamacare that offers catastrophic health care coverage. 
America is facing a shortage of doctors because of Obamacare, therefore, under Obamacare nurses or sub-nurses (administrators) will be doing much of what doctors used to do. This change is "built-in" to Obamacare and that is evidence that Obama knew Obamacare would bring a national shortage of doctors.  What a guy who occupies our Oval Office!
Obama is still trying to pass off Obamacare as something of value.  All Obamacare does is consume our value.  I guess that is what Obama means when he called Obamacare a great "consumer value." 
 joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else

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