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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gay Activist Dan Savage Calls For Mandatory Abortion for the next 30 Years!

By Mike Shoesmith

During an appearance on an Australian television show, a prominent gay activist called for abortion to be made mandatory for 30 years in order to reduce global population.

Notice the questioner, a girl, smiling from ear to ear as Savage opines that there are 'too many g-- d-- people on the planet.' Little did she know that what he would suggest to remedy the problem would involve forcing her to have her murdered unborn child ripped from her womb.

As we have previously reported Dan Savage is the product of an unloving father - the direct result of the 'Gay Recipe.' Perhaps if Dan would advocate for waiting for sex until marriage in a loving man/woman monogamous relationship until death do they part many of society's woes would simply melt away... including his own.

And - if population control is such a pressing issue as he suggests perhaps Savage should simply do the world a favor and kill himself after requesting that his acolytes follow suit. Lead by example Dan. We know there is a life after this one wherein God will do the sorting.


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