Zev Porat

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Promise kept: Sea levels fall under Obama


Remember this famous speech from then-Senator Obama -- the one from 2008, in which he declared that his election would cause the oceans to stop rising and the planet to heal?

Of course, this immediately became the butt of many conservatives' jokes.

But who's laughing now?

As it turns out, this is one of the few promises Obama has kept. Or at least, the oceans have kept it for him. Over at Climate Depot, Marc Morano has the details:

Earlier this month, the European Space Agency's Envisat monitoring, global sea level revealed a “two year long decline [in sea level] was continuing, at a rate of 5mm per year.”

In August 2011, NASA announced that global sea level was dropping and was “a quarter of an inch lower than last summer.” See: NASA: 'Global sea level this summer is a quarter of an inch lower than last summer'

The global drop in sea level followed NASA's announcement that sea level around the U.S. was declining in February 2011.

Most surprising, despite the fact that Obama only said he would only “slow” the rise of the oceans, his presidency has presided over what some scientists are terming an “historic decline" in global sea levels. Obama appears to have underestimated his own powers to alter sea level.

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  1. To say this man is a usurper is a gross understatement...I was not shocked , but surprised when seeing and hearing ALL the accolades for this " messiah " He is lawless and wickedness is the fruit of his deceit. Thank you for this video ... VERY informative ...