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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Should a Christian support the existence of the nation of Israel - or, is Israel simply a secular United Nations' creation?  What are we missing?

By Carl Gallups 8-24-2012

It seems there is much debate in the Christian community today over whether we should support the nation of Israel and its right to exist. Those who say no make a myriad of claims and often align themselves with certain scripture passages. They argue that the people who are currently in the land are not real Jews, others argue that since the land was formed largely by UN efforts it cannot be legitimate and still others argue that since Israel is so thoroughly secular in its overall culture  - that surely these cannot be the people of God.  

Let me help straighten some of this out - for those who wish to know the Biblical, contextual truth. I know that my treatise here will make some made. Some may even unsub us. Here is the bottom line. PPSIMMONS has NEVER been on YouTube to see how many subs we can get. We don't make any money off the channel - we have no videos monetized...it matters not to us if we have 21 subs or 21,000 subs - we simply put out information that we think will help people to know the truth about the Bible and about huge geopolitical events that are going on in the world - some of them - we believe are tied right back to prophecy and the bible. Having said that - let me continue with our stand on the Nation of Israel.

First - to disown, disavow or discredit the nation of Israel - (no matter what your argument) immediately puts you in the direct company of people and organizations like - the KKK, Al Qaeda, The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah and every other antisemitic terrorist organization in the world. You would be in concert with every Islamic nation and every nation that has ever committed horrible atrocities again the Jews and Israel. That attitude aligns you with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Muhammad Morsi - the new Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, as well as Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Ladin. It is amazing that most of the arguments I hear from so called Christians against Israel's right to exist - are the very same words used by hate groups all over the world - predominately Muslim terror groups. But -  most importantly - to stand against Israel is to stand against God Himself.

I recognize fully that Israel's culture is as rotten as our own has become - as is much of the worlds culture. This is a definite sign of the last days and the soon return of the Lord. I also acknowledge that much of Israel's politics is corrupt and falls in line with the corrupt politics of other world communities...but none of this is the point.

There are myriads of biblical prophecies  - given hundreds and some of them thousands of years before they occurred  - that speak of Israel becoming a nation again - in the last days - just before the return of the lord.  One prophecy says that Israels return would literally happen in ONE DAY....

Isaiah 66:8-10
8    Who has ever heard of such a thing? Who has ever seen such things? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children.

And it did happen - May 14, 1948. 

Ezekiel 37 speaks of the return of Israel in the last days and speaks of her great power among the surrounding nations. Then Ezekiel 38-39 speak of those nations forming never-seen-before coalitions for the purpose of destroying the new Israel that is back in the land - most notable among those nations are Iran, Russia, turkey, Syria, Egypt and Libya - we are watching those coalitions form RIGHT NOW before our eyes - every day - and their stated purpose is to destroy Israel - the bible is coming alive right before our eyes and Israel is a part of it...do not spurn what God is doing - do not disown his sign to the world that he is on his way  - ISRAEL...

For those who say - how could God use the UN or other evil nations to birth his nation Israel?  Have you not forgotten that he used evil Egypt and evil Pharaoh to birth his nation the first time? God uses whom he wishes to accomplish his promises. Do not make the same mistake the Pharisees made when they rejected Jesus as messiah because he was brought forth by a simple carpenter from Nazareth rather than from an elite, kingly, Jewish family. God chooses the weak things to confound the wise.

Do not forget - this attitude of rejecting what god has clearly done is what enabled the Pharisees to deliver Jesus to the cross. They rejected him as messiah because he did not FIT their interpretation of scripture and who the messiah would actually be - they were dead wrong. And for those who say it was the evil Jews who delivered Jesus to the cross - wrong again - it was the Jews - the gentiles in the crowd screaming for his death - the Roman authorities - and according to the Bible it was your sin and my sin that delivered him. NO MAN took his life -he laid it down for US - willingly... for ALL OF US who would believe.

So - you can malign Israel if you choose – I will support Israel and her right to exist in the land. I will pray for her as the Word of God instructs. The existence of Israel is God's sign to the world that He exists and that Jesus is His way back, and that God's judgment is soon to fall - and that is the Bible truth.


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