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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens? SHOCKING Interview!

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  1. In the early eighties, the makers of a TV documentary about the British Army's Staff College (Camberly), asked a similar question of the college commandant, General Frank Kitson.

    Kitson, the architect of victory in both the Mau Mau and Malayan wars, was probably the most credible General officer in Nato at the time. When asked if he wanted the British Army to obey orders to keep a government in power by force, Kitson, immediately and without emotion, stated that any government that issued such an order had lost the right to govern.

    Kitson could be regarded as a very ruthless man, but the wars that he fought as a commander were all to preserve legal and constitutional government against a violent minority. (The Mau Mau being violent on a scale which makes the Taliban seem cuddly) and the communist terrorists in Malaya representing a racial as well as a political minority. The CT wanted Malaya to be ruled by Mao's China. Kitson allowed it to be governed by Malays, who have made their own country markedly prosperous. He also allowed Kenya to be governed by a government representing all the tribes, rather than a psychotic minority within one tribe, which, incidentally, Obama sees and presents as heroes.