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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reverend: it's time to stop compromising - back a third party

By Rev. Joda Collins

I Am Sick of Compromising with Evil

It is time to think more seriously about a viable third party.  

Republicans seem more interested in keeping their political jobs than serving their country with honor.  In calculated moves to secure votes the Republicans are entering the waters of excessive compromise with the Democratic voting block in and effort to get Democratic votes. 

Blind compromise with evil will not bring good; just more evil.  

The three Hebrew children could have compromised and avoided the fiery furnace; they did not and God delivered them! Daniel, to avoid being thrown to the lions, could have compromised, but he did not and God delivered him.  Job could have compromised, cursed God and died.  However, he did not and God delivered him.  Jesus could have compromised with the religious leaders of his day, but he did not and God delivered him.  If we want God to deliver us from evil, we cannot continue to compromise with evil until there is little to no distinguishable difference between us and them. Otherwise, God has little to no motivation to get involved and deliver us from the great evils that Democrats cherish and the slightly lesser evils that we tolerate in the name of the "winning the next election".  

There are times when compromise is wise and even godly. However, when compromise extends to the point that we embrace the evil that God despises, we have over-compromised. 

It is time we stood our ground.  We will not vote for any candidate that is pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-socialism, against the Constitution or believes that separation of Church and State means that Christians should stay out of the political arena. This means that if and when the Republicans put up another loser for us to vote for, we won't show up to vote.  What difference would it make anyway?  We cannot out vote the 45% on government support, the baby-killers, the 16% employed by the big government, the sodomites, the Jews that vote democratic and the rising number of socialists in our Country.

We might as well take a moral stand and see if God will deliver us from evil.  I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils when the lesser evil is repugnant to God.  Give me a moral person to vote for or I am staying home.  I am tired of compromising with evil.  If America is going down, let's go down fighting for right, not constantly and excessively lowering our standards hoping to only provoke God to less wrath against us

Rev Joda Collins
Milton Fl.

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  1. Right on!.... But Who? ... Where do we find such a person?.... Will God raise one up for us?