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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Breaking: Plan to Expose Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

Breaking: Carl Gallups on Plan to Expose Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 13, 2013) — Following the broadcast of Carl Gallups' April 12 "Freedom Friday" radio show, The Post & Email interviewed Gallups about new developments in the Cold Case Posse investigation in which "VIPs" have indicated an interest in publicizing the findings of forgery of Obama's long-form birth certificate.

For more than five years, questions about Obama's legitimacy for the presidency have arisen and not been addressed by courts, judges, attorneys general and members of Congress. Obama's reluctance to release any documentation from his college years or about his family, passport applications or proof of birthplace have added to the speculation that he is hiding something.

Numerous computer graphics and typesetting experts analyzed the image presented on April 27, 2011 as Obama's long-form birth certificate and declared it a forgery. The Cold Case Posse affirmed the claims in two press conferences last year after which the mainstream media refused to report what could be the deepest political deception in American history far exceeding the Watergate Hotel break-in by Republican operatives under President Richard M. Nixon.

Gallups had said that a "Big 'Plan A'" is under development by which the public would eventually be told that the birth certificate purported to be a certified copy of an original from Hawaii is a forgery.  Gallups said that a 3-6-month time frame had been anticipated but today told The Post & Email, "The latest planning meeting that was held indicates that this revelation will be shorter than 3-6 months.  However, that's always subject to change because we're dealing with important players, people of standing, and this all has to line up with their schedules, their plans, and also who else might be involved."

We asked Gallups who the "VIPs" are who have recently indicated an interest in the investigation. "People with standing are people who can move this forward to an investigation/prosecutorial level.  That could be any number of state or federal officials.  There are courts and government figures at state and federal levels who have the power and authority to step forward and say, 'A crime has been committed, we have the evidence, and we're moving forward on it with our authority.'  That's what I mean by 'VIP.'  I'm not talking about people who might just be interested; I'm talking about people who can do something about it."

The Post & Email then suggested, "A state attorney general, a governor, a prosecutor…" to which Gallups answered, "For example; there are three or four or five other titles."

He continued:

In answer to your original question, yes, there are some VIPs who have now seen and/or are seeing and/or have had lengthy meetings and heard about all the evidence and are anxious to move forward on it in an official level and are now making plans to move forward on it.  That's why we originally said "probably 3-6 months based upon what these people are telling us."  But now, based upon some of the latest meetings, it looks as if there's a real possibility this could happen before the 3-6 months.  But we're being guarded because it is subject to change, because we are dealing with powers and people and authorities who have other responsibilities, and their schedules could change at the last second.  But if it moves forward like the plan of action that's being put in place calls for, then I would say without any hesitation that the public will see something on this before the 3-6-month period.

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