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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Exciting Surprise Updates from COLD CASE POSSE!


Exclusive Information to be revealed Friday.

Tune it to Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups THIS Friday from 4-6 PM Central Time.  Mike Zullo, Lead Investigator with the Cold Case Posse of Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be live and taking YOUR questions!  NOTHING is off the table. Exact details of the criminal investigation evidence cannot be revealed, for obvious reasons - but BRAND NEW information will be unveiled on Freedom Friday - not yet heard by ANYONE!   You will not hear this information ANYWHERE else! Only on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups and only THIS Friday.

Go to www.carlgallups.com and click the LISTEN LIVE button at the top of the page.  On Saturday you go back to www.carlgallups.com click on the PODCAST link at the top of the page and download any segment of the show that you wish.

Ted Shoebat will be Carl's guest in the first 30 minute segment of the show. You don't want to miss Ted - he is awesome and will give updates on Middle East and geopolitical events as they relate to biblical prophecy, etc. 

The next one and half hours - the lines will be open and you can ask Carl and Mike Zullo anything about the Obama fraud case. They will update and give details about CPAC contacts, Col. Allen West contact, other VIPS, upcoming things to look for in the case, etc.  If you disagree, don't understand, or think the whole thing is nuts - CALL THE SHOW!   Find out for yourself. Talk to the Lead Investigator yourself.

Carl will allow no personal attacks - callers who engage in such activity will simply be cut off and the next caller taken. Questions about the case, evidence, tactics, jurisdiction, fund raising, etc. are ALL on the table.

Don't miss this historic show! 


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