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Thursday, May 30, 2013

BREAKING! Sheriff Joe Set Free To Pursue Obama Fraud Case - FULL THROTTLE!

Group fails in bid to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio 

America's "Toughest Sheriff" Is Back On His Horse!

 Group fails in bid to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio

PPSIMMONS: Sheriff Joe's detractors and "distractions" have been eliminated (politically speaking).

The recall bid against Sheriff Joe failed tonight. Sheriff Joe is now free to pursue the full throttle criminal investigation on the Obama Fraud Case. We imagine that he now has the "fire in his belly" to pursue this case wide-open - especially in the wake of the federal lawsuits and the Democrat organized recall effort attempting to slow him down in the past. But, he won't be slowed down anymore.

The National Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention is this weekend. CCP lead investigator Mike Zullo and TX Congressman Steve Stockman are scheduled as guest and keynote speakers at the event. Mike Zullo will also lead in two 2-hour breakout sessions for sworn law enforcement and U.S. Congressmen only - credentials checked at the door - to present the full, 100% criminal case that the CCP has against the Obama fraudulent birth document.

We at PPSIMMONS predict that by the end of the convention, there will be hundreds of law men and other VIPs of "standing" who will be pushing for a full congressional review of this criminal matter involving the White House.

It is our understanding at PPSIMMONS that when Zullo, et. al. return from the national Sheriffs convention there are more meetings with more VIPs scheduled right around the corner. It's full steam ahead! America's toughest Sheriff is back on his horse!  

Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse team of volunteer investigators continues to probe President Obama’s eligibility for office, focusing on the birth certificate made public by the White House. Arpaio and the posse have concluded the birth certificate is a fraud and are urging Congress to investigate.

In April, a suspicious package addressed to Arpaio contained a bomb that was powerful enough to maim or even kill him, his office said.

See this resource article about the failed recall efforts on Arpaio.

CCP Investigators Mike Zullo and Don Jeffrey to make appearances on FREEDOM FRIDAY - updated information and the Obama SSN CCP Investigation information!

Mike Zullo will make a live call-in presentation to FREEDOM FRIDAY WITH CARL GALLUPS on tomorrow's (May 31) show at 4:30 pm Central Time. He will give us the very latest in the conference updates and in various other matters concerning the ongoing criminal investigation in the Obama Fraud Case.

Prior to Zullo's appearance on FREEDOM FRIDAY - Investigator Don Jeffrey of the CCP will be making a full Obama Social Security Number Fraud presentation  - live on Carl's show. His appearance will be from 4-4:30 pm Central Time.

Listen Live links to the show are below:

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Podcasts of the show will be available by noon on Saturday (June1) at the following link:

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Constitutional Sheriff's Convention - FRIDAY SPEAKING SCHEDULE
Constitutional Sheriff's Convention - SATURDAY SPEAKING SCHEDULE

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