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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Exclusive Report
May 30, 2013   12:30 pm ET

As Promised: Events are beginning to move forward in the Obama Fraud Case!

Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo recently went to CPAC 2013 and Capitol Hill to begin to move the case forward to federal investigation levels. "Following is just the beginning. There may be much more to come  - very soon." Carl Gallups said.

Carl Gallups - "By the time this matter is over there will be media sources, major media personalities, and certain government officials who will appear to be awfully inept. It is a shame they did not deal with this previously, and properly, when they had the opportunity to do so. As events and plans continue to move forward, perhaps they will jump on board and do their constitutional due diligence. This conference is just the tip of the iceberg of promised things to come."

*Mike Zullo - featured speaker at the Constitutional Sheriff's Convention
*Mike Zullo - to give FULL criminal disclosure to law enforcement and Congressmen
*Rep. Steve Stockman - to be in attendance and the Keynote speaker
*CCP Det. Don Jeffrey  - to make a FREEDOM FRIDAY appearance - Obama SSN fraud
*Mike Zullo - to make a FREEDOM FRIDAY appearance live from the Sheriff's conference
*Sheriff's Conference - already enrolling record numbers to attend!
* Carl Gallups - to soon "out" cowardly congressman who reneged on a promised Zullo meeting


Zullo - Featured Speaker - Sheriff's Convention

Mike Zullo, lead investigator, for the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse Obama Fraud case has revealed to PPSIMMONS News that he will be a featured speaker at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention St. Charles, Missouri - this coming weekend, May 31-June 1. Hundreds of Constitutional law enforcement officers from around the country will be in attendance as well as U.S. Congressmen.

This event is open to the public but will also contain two lengthy breakout sessions designed only for sworn constitutional law enforcement officials. Mike Zullo will be a featured speaker at the public session where he says he will do a full public presentation of the CCP Obama Fraud case. 


Zullo said, "This public presentation will contain no new information concerning the case. However, the public presentation will be monumentally important. Because of the overall mainstream media news blackout there will be many there who will hear this important information and criminal evidence for the very first time. We are certain that once they hear the information from this 15-month criminal investigation, they will be deeply concerned."   

Download the 207-point affidavit prepared by CCP Mike Zullo for the Alabama Supreme Court Case regarding Obama's Alabama ballot eligibility case.

 Zullo - Featured Speaker at FULL CRIMINAL DISCLOSURE Conference

However, Mike Zullo informed us that he also will  be the featured speaker at two different 2-hour breakout sessions designed for law enforcement and congressmen only. Concerning these breakout sessions Mike Zullo said, "We will have official credential checks at the door. No one will be admitted except duly credentialed law enforcement officials and U.S. Congressmen. At this session, I will, upon the authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, be presenting the entire criminal case that we have in this matter. Never-before-seen evidence and information will be presented to those in attendance. We will be asking these attendees to support our efforts to move this entire matter forward to a full congressional investigation. We believe that once they see what we have  - a united push for a full congressional investigation will be a foregone conclusion." 

Lately, this conference of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association has been touted in various news outlets as a meeting of constitutional law enforcement officers who are highly concerned with the restoration of our constitutional republic and liberties they feel have been greatly eroded in the past several years in particular.

Mike Zullo stressed, "I want to be clear. This conference is monumentally important to the CCP Obama Fraud Case. However, this particular conference and the potentially powerful outcomes of its presentation is not the only line of approach in which we are currently engaged. We have other people looking at this - very important people - very powerful people. We have other plans of action, currently in the works, in moving the case forward to a full federal investigation. All of these plans, including this conference, have been the direct or indirect result of my trip to CPAC and to Capitol Hill with Carl Gallups earlier this year." 

Zullo went on to explain, "This Sheriffs and Peace Officers conference could prove to be hugely important - but it only came about relatively recently. We were in the process of moving forward in very constructive ways before we had this particular conference opportunity. We are, however, extremely grateful for the opportunity to make this connection and these presentations. These are some of the people who have the constitutional authority and connections to make things happen in this case. We tried to give the mainstream media the opportunity to do their jobs in two different publicly announced press releases over the last couple of years. The media ignored the information of a credible criminal case. Now we will take investigation information to other sources. I have several other very important meetings with VIPs scheduled when I return from this conference."

Congressman Steve Stockman to be Keynote speaker and in attendance at Zullo presentations

U.S. Representative, Steve Stockman, from Texas is scheduled to be the Keynote Speaker on Friday evening of the conference. By the time Congressman Stockman speaks, he will have heard Zullo's CCP presentation. Congressman Stockman was one of the VIPs with whom Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo met at the 2013 CPAC gathering just outside Washington D.C.

Inside Convention sources have revealed to PPSIMMONS News that this year's conference is already swelling to record level attendance. Hundreds more than were previously expected to attend are already signing up to come to the event.

Carl Gallups explained, "I have served as a Deputy Sheriff in two different Florida Sheriff's Offices. I know that Sheriffs are Constitutional law enforcement officers with a lot of power and tons of powerful connections. There are thousands of these law men all over the United States. Many of them are beginning to go on record as being very concerned with the turn our nation is taking in several unconstitutional ways. If any group of people can turn that tide of public opinion and public influence - it is a group of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of United States Sheriffs. Mike and I are thrilled with this most recent opportunity to share what the CCP has known for almost two years now."

 BOOK Carl Gallups for interviews HERE

Gallups continued, "Really, every scandal in Washington around the Obama administration can have its foundation in this fraudulent document case. Think about it...why would the office of the POTUS feel the "need" to present as its only identifying document of the man in the White House - a 100% proven fraud and forgery?"

"If, and I say "if", the reason is because Obama has no valid U.S. identification, then where does that leave us in the wake of Benghazi, the IRS, the AP scandal, Fast and Furious, Libya and Egypt wars, the attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment, U.S. border security, and so on? What if, and again I say "if",  - what if the man in the White House is not even a U.S. citizen in the first place? You can see how huge this matter really is and why it must be investigated by the one body that has the authority and constitutional mandate to do so - Congress."

"Please do not forget that in 2008, the Senate did a full investigation of John McCain's legal background and birth status. Obama and Hillary sat on that Senate investigation. The Senate refused to do the same investigation on Barack Obama. I think it's now time we get to the constitutional bottom of this matter."

See Mike Zullo article - Benghazi might not have ever happened!

Gallups to OUT "cowardly" congressman

When asked if he still planned on "outing" the congressman who reneged on a promised Zullo/Gallups evidence meeting, Gallups responded, "Oh yes! As soon as this thing gets rolling along and congressmen and sheriffs come on board. I will soon - keep my promise and out the congressman and his chief of staff. Let me remind you - we are not outing them because they "didn't want to meet with us." No - we are outing them because they promised to do so - travel arrangements were made to do so - and then, they reneged by phoning me and telling me that they didn't 'remember' making any such promise. Yet...I possess the entire email chain from their office where all the plans for the meeting were laid out in detail with the congressman's chief of staff and his appointment secretary. I will not let the congressman get away with such a cowardly act. He will be outed soon."  See the PPSIMMONS News report of the details of that story HERE.

CCP Investigators Mike Zullo and Don Jeffrey to make appearances on FREEDOM FRIDAY - updated information and the Obama SSN CCP Investigation information!

Mike Zullo will make a live call-in presentation to FREEDOM FRIDAY WITH CARL GALLUPS on tomorrow's (May 31) show at 4:30 pm Central Time. He will give us the very latest in the conference updates and in various other matters concerning the ongoing criminal investigation in the Obama Fraud Case.

Prior to Zullo's appearance on FREEDOM FRIDAY - Investigator Don Jeffrey of the CCP will be making a full Obama Social Security Number Fraud presentation  - live on Carl's show. His appearance will be from 4-4:30 pm Central Time.

Listen Live links to the show are below:

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Constitutional Sheriff's Convention - FRIDAY SPEAKING SCHEDULE
Constitutional Sheriff's Convention - SATURDAY SPEAKING SCHEDULE

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  1. To the naysayers - Mike and Carl have been telling us and asking us to "trust them" for months. Now the impatient can see how it is finally moving forward. As HUGE as this conference is with Sheriffs, law men, and congressmen there - it is just ONE part of everything that Mike and Carl have been putting together. Hang on folks! This could get really big - very quickly!

    1. It's mid September, and, nothing. Not one criminal complaint filed, not one charge filed, not one story on MSM about it, not one arrest. When some guy is smoking pot on the corner 20 police swarm in, this is the biggest national security breech in this countries history and we get crickets. If this is priorty police work, god help us all.

  2. ObamaNazi should have been in Prison by now.I'm more interested in the people doing all the dirty work to keep him from falling. If anything happens to him,he'll likely get pardoned when Nazi Joe Biden becomes President. Biden is more dark hearted than Obama IMHO.

  3. All I can say is that I hope personal security is being considered of the utmost importance.

  4. I posted links to this page, and the "Ask Mike Zullo" page in an email to my friends and family. Please do the same! Spread the word via FB, twitter, email or CALL YOUR FRIENDS! Please come out in support of Mike and Carl and include them in your prayers! If you live in the St. Charles area, attend in person if you can. Let's ROLL! As for me, do not call, tweet, email or otherwise bother me at 2:30 pm tomorrow because I'm BUSY!!!

  5. This is a crime in progress, as in, the harm is continuing, the perpitrator is committing this crime in front of everybody, and the conspiracy is obvious. Once this breaks the entire congress, senate, USDOJ, many judges will have to be prosecuted for conspiring to commit fraud,along with Obama.