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Friday, May 31, 2013

PPSIMMONS EXCLUSIVE! US Military begins taking delivery of HUNDREDS of front-end loaders for DOMESTIC USE! - some with gun turrets and armor plated! (pics and video)

With the DHS investing in billions of rounds of ammo and armored personnel carriers and the US military buying up hundreds of new tanks (which the Bible says will be used in the coming 6th trumpet battle) is there any wonder why it is that so many rumors persist of impending civil war and martial law in America?

Well here's something else to add to the list of worrisome goings on.

A PPSIMMONS operative has informed us anonymously of a military order for 385 front-end loaders from the Caterpillar plant in Clayton, NC.


They are clearly visible in the background of this picture taken by our man on the scene.

The person who sent us this information was able to ask some questions during polite conversation with a truck driver picking up a load on site.

Q: "are the green ones all US military?"
Driver: "yup!"
Q: "are they all for domestic use?"
Driver: "yes - we're delivering them to bases inside the country"
Q: "why do you think they need so many?"
Driver: "they're planning something big, obviously"

The anonymous whistle blower was also able to question someone who works at the facility, a person responsible for loading the machines onto the trucks for delivery.

"We've never seen an order this big before," he said. "Back in 2008 the military ordered 23 units, but this is unprecedented."

He continued: "some of these units, the ones with tan cabs, are armored with roof hatches and gun mounts."

Gun mounts? On a domestic front-end loader? 

Below is a closeup photo of a row of brand new military units ready for shipping.

There are several possible explanations for this.385 is pretty close to the number of military installations scattered around the country (310 - 320 active Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines). So it could be as simple as replenishing stock or a basic stimulus move by the administration.


With the knowledge that the US Department of Homeland Security has recently purchased enough fire power to fight a war at peak Iraq war levels for 20 straight years, with the knowledge that the American public is fed up with a totally corrupt administration embroiled in multiple scandals that would make Nixon blush, and with the impending revelation that Barack Hussein Obama obtained the office of the President of the United States through usurpation via fraud perpetrated against the American people it is difficult to suppress the images we, who care, have witnessed out of areas controlled by political dictatorships e.g. Cambodia.

Below is brief video footage of the machines lined up for shipment... to a military base near you?


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