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Monday, July 8, 2013

Mike Zullo hits Washington D.C. - Again! Meeting with still MORE Washington VIPS!

 MIKE ZULLO IS IN WASHINGTON DC TODAY - High level multiple meetings on Capitol Hill!

BREAKING! The World Tribune Reports TODAY - The Obama BC is a 100% FRAUD!

PPSIMMONS News Exclusive Report
July 8, 2013

Investigator Mike Zullo
PPSIMMONS News and Ministry can now reveal that Mike Zullo is in Washington D.C. today, Monday July 8, to meet with several high-ranking VIPS on Capitol Hill about the Sheriff Arpaio Obama Fraud case.

These latest meetings were asked for and arranged by the VIPS. Zullo will be answering all their questions and presenting the entire criminal case for their review. It has been reported many times on PPSIMMONS News and on the Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups radio program that Sheriff Arpaio, investigator Zullo, and Gallups have been feverishly working for the last 5 months or so to get this case before a congressional investigation committee. Some months back Zullo and Gallups attended CPAC 2013 and met with congressmen on Capitol Hill and at CPAC. Those meetings have opened several very important doors that are leading this case closer and closer to a full blown congressional investigation.

Mike Zullo, in an exclusive PPSIMMONS News interview said, "Sheriff Arpaio is now pulling out all the stops. We are contacting and meeting with as many people as possible who can make a congressional investigation happen. We possess hard, irrefutable evidence of serious crimes being committed in, by, and around the White House in regards to the identity of Barack Obama. It is time for this evidence to be seen and heard in the proper venues where real results can come to fruition."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
When asked what the latest information was on the investigation Zullo responded, "We have never stopped collecting evidence and conducting further forensics analysis. The further we go with this case the more we are convinced that the evidence we possess is hands-down solid."

Zullo continued, "What people have to realize is that we are now closer than we have ever been since this investigation started two years ago, to moving this to the level of a congressional investigation. These things are painstakingly slow - they take time. However, it has been astounding the progress we have made ever since we went to CPAC and Capitol Hill just a few months back."

We asked Carl Gallups for his input in the continuing process and he told us, "Mike and I have been telling folks several important things from the beginning of this process:

1. All we want is the truth. Sheriff Arpaio said from day one - all Obama had to do was to present a 100% verifiable and legal identification of his birth and all this would go away. Not only has Obama not done so, but the matter has been further "locked down" and covered up.We even have reliable information that people's careers and even their lives have been threatened to keep this birth document matter covered up. As a former law enforcement officer I can say that this response is bizarre - unless, of course, you are hiding something. Now that we have the evidence that we have - I think I know exactly what Obama and his people are hiding. Mike and I have said many times in radio interviews that if we were ever presented with 100% factual evidence to the contrary of what we have collected - we would walk away from the matter. We put that challenge out to the world - over radio and internet. No one has been able to provide what we asked for. One very credible resource took us up on the challenge and then when they examined only a part of what we possessed - they now see what we see...

Carl Gallups
2. We have also been asking people to trust our integrity in this matter. Arapio and Zullo are seasoned and professional lawmen. They know what they are doing. This is a criminal case. It is a constitutional matter. It is a congressional investigation matter. This matter potentially goes to national soveriegnty and national security. This is nothing with which to be trifled. We have assured folks that we are doing many things - but some of them simply cannot be discussed in a public manner yet.

3. We are very hopeful that within the next couple of months something monumental will break in this matter as far as a congressional investigation goes. We have promises from several people who can make this happen. We cannot "make" anyone do anything. The media won't report on the matter, the courts refuse to hear the case on its legal merits, many of our elected officials are terrified of it, and most Federal law enforcement agencies are under the direction of the Executive branch and the Department of Justice. The thing that is going to break this open is for congressmen to do their jobs and uphold their oaths. They have already done a full blown Senate investigation on the eligibility of John McCain. Their results were published in Senate Resolution 511. In light of  the two year criminal investigation into the fraudulent document proffered by Obama - we are asking congress to at least do the same due dilligence in the matter of Barack Obama.

4. We have also said that if in the final analysis, nothing is officially done by Congress - that we will eventually release EVERYTHING we have and know about this case. It will be released to the world in several big ways. Once the world sees what we know  and then realize the very important people knew about it as well and then refused to act - it may blow the thing wide open - by the demand of We The People. We would much prefer that it be handled in an appropriate congressional manner - but if not, then we will do what we have to do. This is not going away - no matter how much the opposition wishes for it to go away.

BREAKING! The World Tribune Reports TODAY - The Obama BC is a 100% FRAUD!

LISTEN!  To Mike Zullo on Joyce Riley - THE POWER HOUR  - today (July 8) talking about this and more in the Obama Fraud Case!


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  1. If Zullo has courtroom-ready evidence, then put up or shut up. Those are the words you were using when you so rudely cut off a caller who could put your ridiculous statements to the test. 300 pages of bullshit is what Zullo has and that's why nobody has seen any of it. Everything that was in his affidavit has been presented in court and has been rejected. You're a fucking asswipe, Gallups. Take your crap you call evidence and shove it up your ass because President Obama is not going anywhere until January 20, 2017.