Zev Porat

Friday, August 16, 2013

10 images: FAR worse than a harmless rodeo clown!

10 images mocking George W. Bush                                          that were far worse than a                                                  harmless rodeo clown

Message to the rodeo clown outrage police: Lighten up, buttercups.

Note: These photos below were not just fringe pieces. Some appeared in art galleries and at major film festivals.

1. imgres
2. imgres-1
3. imgres-2
4. imgres-3
5. imgres-4
6. kb2
7. kbush
8. kb4
9. bushbeheaded


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  1. How dare the blacks say they are being treated differently, They are the true racist, The only thing there doing, is making themselves look like fool . Your master in the WH and the DOJ are the true race baiters.