Zev Porat

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Biden in 2007: Impeach the President if He Bombs Without Congressional Approval

Politics shows us how dishonest people really are. For example, people will spend 4-8 years horrified at a policy… only to suddenly support it when "their team" acquires the power. This is why the "anti-war left" pretty much vanished when Obama became president.

Now that Obama is essentially planning on bombing Syria in order to "send a message" about chemical weapons, all signs are showing that he's going to essentially ignore congress and make a choice on his own. The only problem is that he doesn't have the constitutional authority to do this.

Even Biden admitted this in 2007. It's clear. The constitution is clear. Going to war without congress is as illegal as it gets, and definitely is grounds for impeachment and removal. So for once, we agree with Biden. Read below to see what Biden actually said.

More http://www.capitalisminstitute.org/biden-impeach-obama/

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