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Monday, August 5, 2013

Immigration Reform Will Lead to Mark of the Beast, Says Ex Texas GOP Leader

Cathie Adams

Former head of the Texas Republican Party, Cathie Adams, warned last Thursday that immigration reform won't just be giving amnesty to illegal Mexicans but would lead to the mark of the beast, more non-Christians, and people from countries linked to terrorism getting freedoms in America.
"We have about 50,000 other than Mexicans who cross our border within one year. Those people that were apprehended were from countries like Indonesia, of course that's just a very fierce fighting Islamic government. We have Pakistanis coming across, people from the Philippines, Somalia, Tunisia, Uzbekistan," said Adams in an interview with End Times radio host Rick Wiles.
"We're going to be giving amnesty not just to poor Mexicans who are looking for jobs but we're giving amnesty, we're giving all of the American privileges to people who are not here with the best intentions for America," she noted.
Adams also said immigration reform would lead to the mark of the beast after Wiles suggested that immigration reform advocates would call for biometric scanning as an answer to foreigners overstaying their visas.

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