Zev Porat

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Israel-Based Christian Ministry goes "CODE RED"! - Pleads for Gas Masks! INTENSE JET ACTIVITY IN ISRAEL!

We JUST received this plea for assistance from BIBLES FOR ISRAEL. We'll let the Lord speak to you about this.

We wish that we did not have to write this email to you, but we need help.Today we have the urgent need to purchase gas masks.  We are on the verge of Code Red.I’m sure that you have seen on the news people in Syria dying from chemical warfare.
Yesterday and today, we are hearing the roar and sonic booms of Israeli jets flying over our homes and ministry offices like we have never, ever, heard before!Sryia is right next to Israel, and we have been warned that these chemical weapons might be launched over here into Israel.
All Israel is at risk, but we also have ministry staff who right next to Syria in the North of Israel,
and we need your help today.It is very intense right now.
Because we know that the Assad regime has used chemicals on their own people they will have
no fear with Iran backing them to send them over here into Israel.
Where will we be if deadly chemicals are launched into IsraelWill we be ministering to someone, walking down the street – will we hear the sirens in time to get the gas mask?We do need to purchase more gas masks here in Israel, and we need to purchase them today.Please click here to give your help to purchase gas masks NOW.Each gas mask costs 400 shekels (approximately $125)  - please click here Now
Thank you in Advance.
The Ministry Staff and Board of Directors of Bibles For Israel

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  1. I was under the impression that in Israel, gas masks are provided free to the citizens. And are there an existing inventory of gas masks in Israel?
    I don't want to sound cheap,but this sounds all the world that someone is plunking on the emotion strings.

    NOW to PLUNK on another emotion string. What the hell are WE doing besides wringing our hands over the persecution of the Christians in Egypt and Syria?