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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Muslim Group Planning Million Muslim March in DC on Symbolic 12th Anniversary of 911

Critics say a Muslim group picked the wrong day – Sept. 11 - to march on Washington to complain about religious profiling and President Obama's handling of an investigation into the terror attacks that rocked America 12 years ago.
The mass demonstration, called the "Million Muslim March," was changed to a more mainstream-sounding event, "Million American March Against Fear," but the name did not seem to gain much traction and has apparently reverted back to its original title.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/08/16/muslim-group-criticized-for-planning-mass-demonstration-on-12th-anniversary-11/#ixzz2cEu08zxj

The Number 12 in Islam

The Twelve Imams are successors to Muhammad, the profit of Islam.
They are infallible and have a close relationship with God.
They keep the Divine Law and therefore they are able to guide believers.
Each of the Imams was the son of the previous Imam except Husayn ibn Ali, who was the brother of Hasan ibn Ali.
There are special prayers for each of the infallible Imams during the weekdays. Shi'a Muslims believe that pilgrimage to their tombs will bring favorable rewards.
The first eleven Imams were murdered.
The last and twelfth Imam disappeared as a young child.
The Twelvers believe he is still alive and is in occultation.
When the twelfth Imam returns he will bring justice and peace to the world.
The Twelvers do wait for the promised return of the twelfth Imam, the Promised Mahdi.

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  1. the beauty of the great nation is that the EVERY right to do that!

    they should just remember that WE also have EVERY right to assemble 2 MILLION people and protest THEM!!