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Saturday, August 17, 2013

PODCASTS for FREEDOM FRIDAY - to be restored

Many of you have written us that many of the podcasts for Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups have disappeared at the 1330 WEBY - Gulf Coast Talk Radio website. We now have gotten to the bottom of the matter.  THE PODCASTS WILL SOON BE RESTORED!
Below is official confirmation from the podcast manager and 1330 WEBY Program Director - Joey Wallace.
When we switched web hosts it deleted a lot of files, I just got permissions reset today so I can start reloading. That's what I'll be doing the better part of tomorrow. I am hoping to have them back up by noon at the latest, but it depends on how quickly they upload. I will email you as soon as they are available. 

PPSIMMONS and Carl Gallups want to thank you for being patient and Carl says, "Thanks so much for listening to Freedom Friday and for making the show so insanely popular around the world!"

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