Zev Porat

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#prophecy - Egypt in meltdown, Hundreds Dead, Obama Plays Golf


  1. this could be the first time Obama did what he should.Egypt and the muslim brotherhood are not our problem Egypt is not a nuclear power so we have no reason to interceed.The only acceptable reason for us to interceed in another nation is if Nuclear capabilities may fall into the hands of an obviously anti American regime.

  2. Obama playing golf? Regardless of popular opinion, Obama and crew are not idiots. If they were they would not have wrecked havoc as much as they have. I would venture a wild guess and state that all these "golf" outings and vacations are meetings in disguise so there are no record of who, what and other intriguing questions.

    Like they say about watching a magic show, "watch the other hand".