Zev Porat

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TAKE A CLOSE LOOK! And HERE is the problem!

Yup. This about says it all.


"IS one of my 13 sons..." NOT "ARE one of my 13 sons..."
13 sons?  Really?
Suns?  or Sons?
Justise? or Justice?

GOOD GRIEF!   Low information voter - much?


  1. I wonder how many of her daddies are paying support? This is another good example of people on warfare....Need a check, go to your mail box... Want a raise, have another kid. The obama way,no work ethics. No, I'm not racist,I voted for that fool the first time. What I should have done first was to check on his back ground,but then again I couldn't he had HIS RECORDS SEALED,and they only one he let out is a FORGRY. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  2. if that woman has 13 sons i'm a jackalope,maybe she meant 13 year old sons?
    Then the obvious question she needs to answer is "are your sons violent racist druggies like trayvon?" because he was stoned and attacked and attempted to kill a man based purely on the color of his skin.Trayvon recieved justice.He got what he deserved.