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Friday, August 23, 2013

Time for a Christian exodus from a failed Republican Party

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Grace Vuoto

It is time for Christians, and those of other faiths who value this nation's unique character, to leave the Republican Party and start their very own political organization.

For decades, the Christian alliance with the GOP has failed to roll back or even mildly halt the relentless advance of liberalism. We have lost the culture, lost the traditional underpinnings of the nation and no longer have a national character we can take pride in. The Republican Party is useless for all those who are serious about upholding traditional Judeo-Christian morality.
Practicing Christians have none other than themselves to blame. For, in accepting the idea that an alliance with a broader political agenda can also secure moral aims, we have lost sight of who we really are.

In a 2004 column on the uniqueness of America, Jewish writer and talk show host Dennis Prager noted that "Judeo-Christian America has differed from Christian countries in Europe" in significant ways. "For example, Thomas Jefferson wanted the design of the seal of the United States to depict the Jews leaving Egypt. Just as the Hebrews left Egypt and its values, Americans left Europe and its values." The innate sense of "chosenness" which these Americans shared with the Jews "is why more Americans have died for the liberty of others than any other nation's soldiers," Prager wrote.


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