Zev Porat

Monday, September 2, 2013

Arab States call on Obama to Attack Syrian Regime in SPITE of evidence REBELS are Responsible! - Confirms PPSIMMONS Video on Obama - Saudi Connection

President Barack Obama's surprise move to seek congressional authorization before ordering any military action against the Syrian regime was met with a mixed reception around the world Sunday, with a chorus of Arab states calling for intervention — while a key Syrian government official disparaged the White House for a lack of leadership.
At an Arab League meeting in Cairo on Sunday evening, foreign ministers passed a resolution pressing the United Nations and the global community to “take the deterrent and necessary measures against the culprits of this crime that the Syrian regime bears responsibility for,” according to Reuters.
The ministers also concluded that those responsible for the lethal chemical weapons attack should face trial just like other “war criminals.” (See whole article from NBC here)
Now watch this important video from PPSIMMONS on Obama's connection to Saudi Arabia. Is Obama really a Saudi plant who will take out Assad on his way to Iran... on behalf of the Saudi's?


  1. I would agree! I said he was Muslin plant when he first starting campaigning the first time....

  2. It's not any mixed reception we the people said no do not get involved in there war that we no he has support the rebels on !!! SO STOP FEEDING THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD THIS CRAP ..WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES SEE THE REAL AGENDA HERE AND THERE IS NO REASON FOR OUR TROOP'S TO FIGHT FOR OIL AND MONEY !!!!!