Zev Porat

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

GET OFF THE ROAD NOW! Harry Reid Says 8000 Bridges in America on verge of COLLAPSE!

Today on CSPAN Radio Harry Reid, D Senator from Nevada dropped a bombshell when he suggested it was time to move on from the debate over funding Obamacare because the country's infrastructure was in a state of utter devastation.

He told the audience in the senate chamber that 30,000 bridges in america were in a state if disrepair and... here's the money shot... 8000 of those are "on the verge of collapse!"

Excuse me?

Does he have a list of these bridges? What roads should we avoid? 8000 bridges is a great number of gaps in the nation's infrastructure which could cause a great deal of carnage! Shouldn't there be some sort of public announcement to stay off the roads?

Or perhaps this is just Harry Reid's attempt at grandstanding to get people to back Obamacare.

Right, that's probably it.

Whew!... had us going there for minute Harry!

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  1. I'm amazed people vote for this idiot,but there is an old saying that goes, IT TAKES AN IDIOT TO KNOW AN IDIOT!