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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is Obama Al-Qaeda? One Question About Obama's Syrian Policy

joda collins
by Rev. Joda Collins
Please help me understand Obama's Syrian Policy.  I have only one question.  Anyone or everyone correct me if I am wrong in any point.
1.  The situation is Syria is a true dilemma (no good option).  Only two things can happen.  Either Assad is removed from power or he is not.
2.  The Al-Qaeda forces and their friends are attempting to overthrow Assad so they can be in power.
3.  The Al-Qaeda forces and their friends have a common enemy in Assad.  When and if Assad is overthrown we anticipate the Al-Qaeda forces will fight with their "current" friends (then become enemies) in order to determine who will "run" Syria.
4.  History has proven that when Al-Qaeda forces fight other Muslims, Al-Qaeda forces usually win because Al-Qaeda members have no conscience.  Just to remind the few who do not know, it is the Al-Qaeda forces who are, for the most part, doing and have done the thousands of decapitations in the middle East and it is Al-Qaeda trained terrorists who started war with America by attacking the Twin Towers in New York.
5.  It is unquestioned that about half of the 100,000 troops fighting as "rebels" against Assad are Al-Qaeda and that Al-Qaeda appears to be gaining strength as other forces working with them remain stable or decrease.
6.  The Obama administration is arming the Syrian "rebels" (Al-Qaeda) in order to overthrow Assad.
7.  Assad has been charged by Obama with killing 1,400 people including Syrian rebels and innocents (collateral damage). It is thought that the only source that attributes Assad using chemical weapons are Obama mouthpieces. Obama's claim of Assad's guilt are suspect by many.  
8.  Obama continues to do more than hint that Assad be removed from office by US military might or, at least, weakened so the rebels can more easily overcome him.
9.  The International community, the Republicans in the Senate and Congress, along with 70% of the American public do not support a military strike against Assad for four reasons.  First, we think Al-Qaeda is worse than Assad for the middle East and for America.  Second, we are tired of being the world police.  Third, we cannot financially afford to print more money in order to engage in more war over seas.  We do not trust Obama.
10.  In spite of all these realities, Obama continues to support the Al-Qaeda terrorists in their quest to overthrow Assad by supplying American made weapons to Al-Qaeda so Al-Qaeda can use their political power as "official" Syrian leaders to further destabilize the middle East and more effectively destroy America.

It seems to me that Obama is Al-Qaeda.  My question is, "Am I wrong?"    

Rev. Joda Collins

I make no claim that my opinions are the opinions of anyone else. 

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  1. IF and only IF, this is an end time event then Syria must loose Shia control (Assad).
    For the Ottoman Empire, with Turkey as the Chief nation, to be resurrected, Syria must go Sunni.

    We can wish, pray, write our elected officials, and scream about Obama but that is not going to change the situation.
    What I would like to see happen with the body of believers is to form some kind of "Rescue Party" to bring the Christians, whatever the denomination to safety. I just don't know how that can be accomplished, but it needs to be done.