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Friday, September 27, 2013

O-Bummercare, One Grand Disappointment

By Bill Martinez 
The Bill Martinez Show 
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Thanks to Ted Cruz, maybe our president is seeing what a “Red Line” really looks like.  A Red Line is backed by conviction of belief, otherwise as we have witnessed it becomes light pink really fast, fading by a lack of courage and belief that this is really the right thing for We The People.

I know a lot of people believed Senator Cruz was standing for them.  A majority of Americans don’t like the law because of what they’ve seen so far.  After all, it was Nancy Pelosi who gittingly said, “we have to pass it to see what’s in it.” 

Obamacare (or O-Bummercare) is one grand disappointment just on the surface.  It would appear that everything the president said it was is proving not to be.  For example, our premiums would be less (everyone I talk to is experiencing increases, how does this reconcile with my insurance statement?  Up is up, and I can’t make it down even if I turn it upside down.) 

How about keeping our same doctors?  Everyday I am reading reports of doctors going cash and carry only, they are turning away patients with insurance, and some are so fed up with the looming government intervention that they have decided to take early retirement.  Can you blame them?  And this is happening at a time when there is already a severe shortage of doctors.

And don’t forget the President, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrat minions insisted it wasn’t a tax.  Of course this was all before the Supreme Court through some back room cabal made it so.  But what happened to the “no tax voices.”  Last time someone said, “Read my lips, no new taxes,” he was all but tarred and feathered and shown the exit door. 

Where is the disdain and outrage for this bait and switch plan?  I know of retailers and marketers who have paid heavy fines and lost businesses (deservedly) for promoting marketing plans of this ilk.  But for this President and the Democrats, it’s OK according to their worldview.

In talking with Eagle Forum’s Phyllis Schlafly, (of “It’s a Choice Not an Echo” fame) it became obvious that We The People are oblivious to the President’s and Democrats’ vision for healthcare in America.  This is all about a single payer program.  And as Phyllis explained, “that means, the Government is TOTALLY in charge of your healthcare.  If that doesn’t scare you right out of your wits, than maybe you still don’t understand.  Imagine some unelected bureaucrat, (backed by the IRS) and not your doctor is in charge of your healthcare. 

There’s enough evidence from other countries that have gone this route, and the results are a disaster.  Today, when we get sick we can go to our doctor and get immediate care.  Tomorrow, Obamacare will transform our healthcare system from one of the best in the world to endless lines, bureaucratic red tape, and being put on hold while calling in for what should be a quick authorization/permission to see your doctor.  And you know this is just the beginning because our Government is really good at making simple things very complicated.  Just give them the time and the power.

Well America, here’s the choice as I see it, a Government run healthcare system that holds hostage a fifth of our economy, or a healthcare system defined by our free market.  We already know what the free market healthcare system delivers which many agree is the best system on the planet. 

And if we are willing to accept the truth of the matter, socialized medicine has not worked anywhere.  It doesn’t even come close to providing what America has taken for granted all these years. 

And please understand, this doesn’t mean we can’t improve on our free market healthcare system.  But why would we surrender the best healthcare system for a lesser program that will cost us more and provide less? 

Why do you think the President, and all of our legislature are not getting in line to sign up for O-bummercare?  They know it’s a train wreck and they’re not about to get “on-board!”

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