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Saturday, September 28, 2013


by Rev. Joda Collins
Now that Obamacare is upon us we are beginning to see what it is. The House passed Obamacare without reading it based on the following promises of Obama rather than reading the 2,000 plus pages.
Here are the promises of Obama regarding Obamacare.
1.  Cost for heath care will go down under Obamacare.
Fact:  Costs for health care are going up because of Obamacare as are costs for health care insurance for those that have it.  In addition, much of the free health care for the poor will be replaced by paid health care by the poor. 
2.  Obamacare will not cost a penny.
Fact:  Obamacare is funded by the American taxpayer.   Right now there is over a trillion dollars proposed in he new budget for Obamacare.  That is taxpayer money. Remember, the Republicans are willing to pass a budget that funds America with no tax increase if it were not for Obamacare.  The Democrats want to raise the debt limit so they "can" fund Obamacare. Therefore, Obamacare will cost taxpayers at least a trillion dollars, which is 1/16th of the national debt.  It is estimated that Obamacare will add about $1,800 per person in annual additional debt and this does not count the out-of-pocket expense for medical care and premiums paid by the consumer.
3.  No one will lose their private health insurance as a result of Obamacare and there will be no price increase on private policies as a result of Obamacare.
Fact:  Democrats now state that up to 5 million people will lose their private health insurance and we are seeing insurance companies routinely inform those with private health care insurance that their premiums are going up two to three times as a direct result of Obamacare.
4.  The average family that can afford health insurance will save $2,500 on their annual health coverage.
Fact:  The average family of four that can afford health insurance and has a health insurance company that survives Obamacare will see about $7,200 in increase annual costs for coverage for the same coverage.
5.  Younger people will be able to buy health insurance through Obamacare for less than in the free market system.
Fact:  All financial facts published by all sources reveal that government mandated health care payments (Obamacare) will be significantly higher (50% to 100% higher) for younger people than purchasing from the free market providers.
6.  Everyone who likes their private health insurance policy can keep it.
Fact:  Not true.  Obamacare changes the way private heath insurers have to do business.  Many existing private plans will not continue to be offered and those that are offered will cost two to three times more.  Obamacare mandates what private insurance companies have to provide. Therefore, if the government mandate exceeds the provision of a policy the policy is "illegal" and the Obamacare mandatory increase in coverage will be passed on to the owner of the policy.
7.  Coverage for older Americans will be improved.
Fact:  Much of the funding for Obamacare comes as a result of major reductions in federal funding for medical expenses for senior citizens.  Obamacare will "reduce" the quality and quantity of care for senior citizens.
8.  Obama said that health care will be affordable and available to every single American.
Fact:  Obamacare is slated to cost 9.5% of a person's income, plus the additional many taxes that will be imposed on every consumer in our Country.  It is estimated that up to 15% of a persons take home pay will go to Obamacare.  That is not affordable.
9.  Obamacare is not a government take-over of health care.
Fact: Yes it is.  Everyone admits that now, including health insurance companies that are announcing a double to triple increase in premiums as a result of government mandates on private insurance companies.  Plus, many insurance companies will go out of business opening the door for more government take-over of the health care system.
10.  Obamacare is free medical coverage.
Fact:  There is no such thing as free medical coverage.  There is medical coverage paid for by someone else and by hidden and open taxes paid by everyone. Everyone who receives Obamacare will pay for it in a variety of ways as will everyone who does not receive Obamacare.  Obamacare is a tax on capitalism.  Without the success of capitalism, there would be no funds to pay for Obamacare. When the success of capitalism is fully exhausted by the socialistic policies of the Democrats there will be no funding for Obamacare that is not directly tied to taxes on everyone.  The only money the government has is what it gets from the taxpayer.  Without stealing from the rich and pilfering from successful business profits made in the capitalist free-market, there could be no Obamacare as it is now presented.

11.  Poor people will be covered by Obamacare for free.
Fact:  Wrong.  Most people who live under the poverty level, it appears, will be required to buy health insurance or pay the annual penalty fine.
It has always been my position that Obama desires the financial, social and moral destruction of America.  Obamacare is a major effort towards Obama's dream of bringing America to her financial knees.  That is why he rejoices to implement a health care system that he knows will devastate the financial health of  America.  Obama is about health care.  It is about destroying the financial health of America because Obama does not care. Remember, he inherited the richest economy in the world and his goal is to "change America."  He and the other Democrats are doing a good job of it.  He may be the most effective President ever when it comes to keeping his major campaign promise.  That isn't "fair" to America.
Obama is a pathological liar hell-bent on destroying America.  He and those who support him are enemies of the State.  Sadly, the enemy is in charge.  That isn't fair to America.
 joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are held by anyone else.

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