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Monday, September 30, 2013


By Joda Collins

We remember the slogan for Presidential candidate Obama was, "CHANGE!"   
America has changed under his leadership.
1.  The Office of President has been turned into an office more like a dictatorship than an elected representative for the people.  "Executive Order" has been turned into Obama's way of getting what he wants.   Obama gets laws passed just because he likes them and declares laws he does not like as null and void.   Obama enacts laws (like Obamacare) and then declares certain parts are changed or delayed because he says so. 
2.  The Constitution of the United States is no longer a document that directs the Supreme Court decision-making beyond being quoted or misrepresented when the Justices find doing so convenient.
3.  The US Military is a place of homosexual pride and celebration.
4.  Homosexual (so-called) marriage is declared "holy" by Obama and that perversion is taking hold of our nation.
5.  American tax dollars support terrorists around the world in their quest to destroy Christianity, behead Christians, promote Islam as the world-religion and overthrow governments that are positive towards America or, at least, less aggressive towards us than the terrorists Obama is trying to enthrone.
6.  Christians are beheaded by Islamic terrorists with knives supplied by the Obama administration. 
7.  American tax dollars are spent to create havoc in the Muslim world and provide humanitarian "aid" those who have been devastated by that terrorism.  This is a double drain on the pocket book of Americans.
8.  Obama is a supporter of partial birth abortion.  I have no doubt that his efforts behind the scenes are promoting this as best he can.
9.   The national debt has risen from 11 trillion to 15 trillion.  If Obamacare goes through, the debt will increase to 16 trillion.
10.  Obama rejoices to negotiate with Muslims around the world, including Islamic terrorists in order to promote Islam (his version of "world-peace") but will not negotiate with Republicans in an effort to keep the government functioning.
11.  Democrats call world terrorists "freedom fighters" while they call Republicans "terrorists."
12.  Islam is enjoying a nation-wide acceptance never seen before in this land.
13.  We are being bombarded daily with attacks on the welfare and conscience of America by Obama and the Democrats.
14.  Medical insurance companies are tripling the cost of their coverage in preparation for the financial impact of Obamacare.
15.  Poor people who once enjoyed free medical coverage will now have to pay for their medical coverage through Obamacare or face a tax for not doing so.
16.  Businesses are starting to reduce 40-hour jobs to 29-hour per week jobs because they cannot afford Obamacare.
17.  The medical profession is facing a mass exodus of doctors from the profession while medical schools are reporting fewer and fewer applicants.  A doctor shortage is on the way.
18.  Our President makes fun of "Christians with their Bibles and guns" while he supports with his silence and our tax dollars Muslims who hold the Koran in one hand and American made guns in the other.
19.  Americans are killed with Obama and Clinton watching as they tell the Armed Forces not to act on behalf of Americans.
20.  Spying on Americans at the whim of Obama is the law of the land.
21.  The IRS is used by Obama as a tool for harassing those he does not agree with.
22.  Home energy costs have risen by 60%.
23.  We have a Senate that is willing to enforce Obamacare even though the first evidence of the effect of Obamacare proves that Obamacare is and will continue to be a financial disaster for Americans.
24.  The flood of illegal's into our nation is making financial stability nearly impossible.  Obama rejoices because illegal's tend to vote Democrat and Obama's goal is the destruction of America.
25.  No one talks about the dead body count around Obama. 
26.  Democrats in the House and Senate follow the will of Obama irrespective of the will of the people who elected them to office and irrespective of the damage they know their decisions will do to our country.
27. Russia has a President that is becoming more respected in America than our own President.
28. It took the intervention of the Russian President to keep our President from starting what could have been World War 3. 
29.  Our President lies time after time in front of the camera and to the detriment of America with lies so easy to catch that an 8th grader could catch him, but the major news outlets remain silent.
30.  We have a President that cannot prove he is an American citizen, who attended college on aid as a foreign citizen and whose documentation submitted for proof of his birth status is obviously forged, but it does not matter! 
31.  The President's Social Security Number does not belong to him, but it does not matter.
32.  The person holding the Office of President has committed crime after crime that is impeachable, but he is not held accountable. 
33.  America is becoming socialistic in nature in line with the pattern of Karl Marx.  Everyone who knows history knows socialism does not work. This means we are turning over a country to our children that will be a third world nation open to rampant terrorism and fraught with poverty.
34.  Our military is now too small and too under-funded to protect us.
35.  Military personnel cannot carry weapons on base to protect themselves. 
36.  Obama is working hard to take away our 2nd amendment rights.
37.  States' rights are being challenged by Obama at every turn.
38.  Not only does our border with Mexico remain open but Obama wants it that way.
39.  Our President is becoming the laughing stock of the World.
40.  Our military power and credibility is shrinking by the day. 
41.  Israel has gone from being America's friend to America's acquaintance.
42.  Obama has announced that he, as the President, has the power to declare war and by-pass the Congress in that decision.
These are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.  Imaging how much more there is. 
I have only one question.   Is the change that Obama is bringing to America the kind of change you like?  If not, do something about it. Call Washington and complain.  Our silence is his greatest weapon against us at this time.
Guess what. He is not done with us yet!  Not only does Obama have two plus years left in his current term, the Democrats are working hard for the 2014 elections to change the make up of the House of Representatives to a Democratic majority so the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution can be repealed.  This Amendment set a two-term limit on the Presidency.  Once that is done, America can expect to hear "FOUR MORE YEARS!" screamed from the Democratic Party.
Another thought is that we have all heard of the ballot box fixing of the past Presidential election.  How about "Congress-fixing!"  You are not naive enough to think the majority of Republicans are immune from giving in to threats, are you?  "Absurd!," you say. Read the list of things above.  Six years ago most of those things would have been considered absurd. 
joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

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