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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Opinion: Did WikiLeaks Sell Out Snowden To The Russians?

WikiLeaks advisor Sarah Harrison (L) walks with Edward Snowden (C) and Snowden's Moscow lawyer Anatoly Kucherena (R) as they leave the Sheremetevo Airport after Snowden was granted asylum on August 1.

Is it just a coincidence that former NSA analyst Edward Snowden, a valuable intelligence asset, ended up in the hands of Russia's security services?

Or did WikiLeaks, the "anti-secrecy" organization that has taken responsibility for Snowden, send him there in collaboration with the Russians?

Former senior U.S. intelligence analyst Joshua Foust makes a compelling argument that Wikileaks may have been infiltrated by Russia's Federal Security Bureau, the post-Soviet successor to the KGB.

His argument is based on the shared history between WikiLeaks and Russia, how Snowden ended up in Russia, and what happened to Snowden once he landed in Moscow.

Looking at the same evidence, we think this is certainly a possibility.

WikiLeaks and Russia

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