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Monday, September 23, 2013

Pacific NW Megaquake And Tsunami Predicted By Respected USGS Scientist Who Predicted "World Series" Earthquake

The Earth shook violently on October 17th, 1989 from the force of a 7.0 earthquake that struck San Francisco as the entire world was watching the World Series. The quake had been predicted ahead of time by USGS scientist Jim Berkland, this week's guest on The Truth Is Viral, who is making another, much more horrifying prediction: A megaquake and tsunami for the Pacific Northwest.

The "World Series Earthquake" Berkland predicted was moderate compared to the monster that Berkland says will hit the Pacific Northwest's Cascadia Subduction Zone. An earthquake that measures 8.0 or higher on the Richter scale is called a "Great" earthquake, although "Devastating" might be a more accurate term as it would release 10 times as much energy as a 7.0. A 9.0 such as the one that hit Japan would release one hundred times as much energy as the quake that rocked San Francisco in 1989.

Berkland says that a tsunami similar to those that hit Japan in 2011 and Indonesia in 2004, would be generated that would inundate the northwestern coast of the United States. Those tsunamis were generated by the same type of undersea megathrust fault that lines the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, and both generated waves estimated to be 90 feet (30 meters) high.


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