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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who is the Villain?

It is hard to keep up with the world news, especially, now that it is happening at record speed since Obama decided to try to start WW3. Most of us are busy with life and do not have the time to keep abreast.  After a few days, confusion reigns. Obama takes advantage of that confusion. To avoid the confusion and to keep Obama from taking advantage of Americans, I offer the following synopsis of recent world events. 

I have left out much. However, we live in the information age. You can fill in the blanks and verify everything with a few clicks of your mouse and/or a few moments of rational thought.

Chemical weapons are used in Syria against Al-Qaeda forces that are trying to overthrow the Syria President (Assad) so that Muslim terrorists can take control of Syria. Obama and Kerry tell the world that Assad did it. Assad denies it. There are seven reasons to think that Assad is telling the truth. 

1.  In this long running civil war (started on March 15, 2011), Assad has never before used chemical weapons. 

2.  The Al-Qaeda Syria rebels have chemical weapons and may have used them on their own in order to give their friend, Obama, an international platform to employ US Forces and US dollars to further the progress of Islamic-dictatorship in Syria

3.  Someone else did it for some reason.  What is going on is a civil war.  Killing 1,400 with chemicals is not that hard to do.  With the free-flow of illegal aliens across the Mexican boarder to America, it would be easy to pass enough chemicals across the Mexican border to Syria for the enemies of Al-Qaeda to kill 1,400.  Sooner or later, people get tired of seeing their friends and family getting their heads cut off. 

4.  Obama did it so he would have power to use US Forces and US dollars to further the progress of Islamic-dictatorship in Syria.

5.  Maybe it never happened and what we saw was a movie (play) of sorts.  

6.  Assad is not an idiot. He knows two things. First, that Obama is pro-Islamic terrorists, thus wants him (Assad) out of office and, second, Assad knows that the use of chemical weapons would be used by Obama to align free-world forces against him.  

7.  World news organizations have reported there is no hard evidence that Assad did it.

I don't know. You don't know.  

Obama decides this is the right time to bomb Syria, rid Syria of Assad and open the door for the Islamic-terrorists to take control. However, public opinion and the few brave members of Congress and the Senate stand strong against starting a war with Syria.  Their stand gives the less brave in Congress and the Senate a place to include their squeaky voices of protest. Obama feels backed into a corner, so he says he will just start a little war, you know, just a few little bombs to show Assad who is boss.  

Congress, the Senate and the American people are not fooled by Obama's claim that starting a little international war is no big deal.  (Duh!)

Obama then asks Congress to make a decision about whether to start a war with Syria or not.  Obama publicly announces, in veiled language, that he has an understanding that the Constitution does not give him power to start this war.  

Kerry makes a statement that if Assad would surrender his chemical weapons, that Obama will not bomb him. Obama gets mad at Kerry because Obama wants to bomb Assad no matter what.  Kerry then tells the world that he was just kidding about Obama not bombing Assad. In the meantime the Russian President (Putin) jumps on Kerry's statement like white on rice and between Putin and Assad they see a flicker of an opening to stop the madman Obama from starting war. They accept Kerry's proposal and are now organizing to turn over all chemicals of war to the international community of leaders. 

Kerry announces that Obama can bomb Syria even if Congress does not give him approval. 

Obama says two things. He will not bomb Assad if he turns over the chemicals and the he will bomb Assad as a punishment even if he does turn over the chemical weapons. Of course, both cannot be true. The latter is the heart of Obama and anyone with brains knows that.

Obama has sent war ships of the Mediterranean Sea with hopes to bomb Assad.  Putin, expecting Obama to bomb Assad no matter what, has sent war ships into the same region set to retaliate if Obama carries out his heart's desire.  

So, there you have it. The major villain is our President. Two Presidents that we consider "irrational bad guys" are working hard to keep our President from starting, what could be, a world war.  How to you like the "change" Obama has brought to America? Shame on all of you who voted for him. Do something about this before it is too late. You elected him to office; you make him stand down. Speak up!   

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

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