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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obama Tantrums

Yesterday, when having lunch, a 3-year old boy wanted something from his parents.  His parents told him, "No."  The boy began to whine. That did not work.  His parents did not give in.  The boy began to scream. The parents did not give in to his screaming.  Rather, the mother took the child outside, placed him on the grass and allowed him to scream until he screamed himself out. The father completed his meal, exited the restaurant, collected his wife and exhausted child, got in their car and departed.

Children will yell and scream when they do not get exactly what they want.  Responsible leadership does not give in to such immaturity. Rather, responsible authority lets the child scream as long as he or she wants. 

What is the moral of this event?  Obama and his Democrats have submitted Obamacare exactly as they want it. Just like children, they are unmovable.  They want it their way or they are willing to shut down the US government.  They whined for a while and now they are screaming.  Send them outside to whimper and scream.  Responsible authority does not give in to screaming children (or adults). Responsible adults do not submit to the immature when their self-centered demands are damaging to them or others even if they scream or call others names.  

As much as anything else, Obama is mad because he has been told, "No."  His widdle feelwings have a boo boo. 

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

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